Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am probably a little crazy.....

So I am probably a little crazy to start this blog now as I am moving in two days! Well that is a half truth, we are leaving for California in two days to spend Thanksgiving with family; but then the kids and I are staying for good. No I am not leaving my husband behind in Arizona, I would go completely insane without him, he will just be heading back to Arizona one last time to be here while the movers pack our stuff. If you have never had movers during a move, I highly recommend it, so much easier!
I am excited for the change and it is because of this change that I decided to finally start one of these things that my friends have been bugging me to start. I am leaving behind a lot of great friends and this seems like an easy/lazy way to let them all know how I am doing.
So the adventure begins... I just hope we don't drive my sister too insane by the time we finally make it into our own new house.

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