Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Five: Spring Break, Pie and Sewing

Friday 5!  (#Friday5) You know the drill, come share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures with me from the week.

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5 Thoughts
1. I have been very absent this week, but for a good reason as it is spring break!  My in-laws came in town for it and we have been having so much fun.  I used to be good about scheduling posts ahead of time, but totally dropped the ball this week.

2. Ryder's soccer game went so much better last Friday.  He was happier, totally in there and looked pretty dang good.  Another practice/game for him tonight.

3. This week Alex has helped my MIL make dinner twice.  The dinners were awesome and it is pretty nice having someone else make the meals.  I think I am going to have a hard time adjusting next week when they are gone.

4. Saw Insurgent last night with Eric and his dad.  They definitely changed some things up, as they always do in movie adaptations but it has been a while since I have read the books, so we were all sitting there trying to remember what actually happened in the books.

5.Yesterday, Lucas and Alex were both up to some sneaky project with my MIL that involved the sewing machine.  I wasn't allowed to go see what they were doing.  Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long, Alex sewed for me and Lucas for Eric a new pillow cases.  I am totally impressed with how good it looks and how straight it is.  Like I said, I am going to miss having my in-laws around.  Alex is so excited about sewing now and is going on and on about all the things she wants to try and sew; guess I had better learn how to thread the sewing machine.

5 Pictures
Funny sign on Alex's door "No Boys 20 or Under. In less I say, Okay"
Cooking with my MIL
Feeding the birds at the Aquarium 
They did allow me to hurry and take one quick picture, but I couldn't tell what it was
A home-made cherry pie for dessert Alex made with my MIL
What is your Friday Five?

Don't forget a few days left to enter to win a free Canvas!  Also this Tuesday will be 10 Things to Smile About this month.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beach Photography

I have to admit, beach photography is not my favorite.  The harsh lighting, the blown out sky, the risk of getting sand on your lens... This last Saturday I did agree to a beach photo shoot.  It was for a family from the midwest who was in California for a Disney Trip.  They found me through the Disneyland Prep School, and wanted a beach shoot to help capture their vacation.

My family was thinking of coming with me, but then Alex wasn't feeling 100%, they were watching a movie and it was time for me to go.  So I took off to the beach on my own, really regretting the time away from my family.

They sent me some sweet texts when I was almost there, which helped get me into the right mentality for the shoot.  The shoot went great and we were finishing our last few shots when I saw someone pop up then disappear in the back of my shot.

They must have realized I was doing a shoot and were trying to not photobomb my shot, which I definitely appreciated.  Then I paused and thought, that sure looked a lot like Eric.

A minute later when I finished those last few shots, they popped out again and it was my family!  They made the drive and surprised me at the end of my shoot!

I rarely take my real camera to the beach when I am going with my family, as what would I do with it when I was in the water, so I took full advantage.
None of us were really dressed for the beach, but when you are there it is impossible to totally resist the water.
Though Ryder was pretty good at standing as far back as possible 
Alex, in typical fashion, did things full blown and ended up very sandy
Oh and a note for the wise; if you are tempted to do the "mermaid shot" like this girl here, 
The waves are very very strong.  
She was knocked off shortly after this wave and ended up all cut and bruised. It was crazy!
It really was a beautiful evening
Have you ever had pictures at the beach?  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Best of the Blogosphere Link Party: Week 11

Happy Spring everyone!  

What's the weather like where you are? It's delightful here! But when you live in SoCal great weather is sort of the norm.

Welcome back to the Best of the Blogosphere Linky Party. It's week #11! We've seen some incredible posts the past few months. Remember, we're looking for the best posts on the internet. They don't have to be DIY, crafts or cooking- we love it all.

Since today is the my kids' first day of Spring break, this week my pick is a cute DIY Spring banner from A Party of Four.

It is so simple and easy and would also make a great prop for photography (I had a couple of shoots last week, it is on my mind.)

And now for your favorites. We love seeing beauty posts because other linky parties don't allow them We know you do too! Here are your top four!



Spring Beauty Must Haves
My Spring Beauty Must Haves- April J. Harris


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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Five: Open house, Flash Mobs and Photography

It's Friday which means it's Friday 5 time!  (#Friday5)  Today my kids get out of school early and then our spring break begins!  Join me by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. Had such a great time this last weekend at Time Out for Women (can see some of my thoughts about it here).  Though I must admit I felt bad that I missed both Ryder and Alex's first soccer game.  It was Ryder's first game ever.  At his age they have a parent/child practice the first half then divide up and play a little 4 on 4 game.  Sounds like he had a very rough time and pretty much cried through all of it.  Hopefully tonight will go better.  Alex's team won 3-1 so that was awesome!

2. Tuesday I agreed to pick up someone from chorus practice.  Tuesday I agreed to help out at Cub Scouts. Tuesday is my busiest day of the week.  Tuesday Alex got sick after school and had to leave chorus early.  Tuesday I had to cancel on everyone I said I would help.

3. My kids had their school open house last night.  Our open house is complete with live band and dancing, In And Out Trucks, and bake sale!  Then you get to see the classrooms of course.  The whole school did a special surprise flash mob for the principle who is retiring at the end of the year.

4. Speaking of open house, Alex's teacher said she was one of the two students who always listens to instructions and Lucas' teacher said he is her little google and she always loves hearing what he has to say and the things he comes up with.

5. Every job has its highs and lows, yesterday I got to photograph a sweet little guy who I photograph every three months and who is one of my all time favorite clients.  Helps that I love his mom (check out here blog here) and that we have such a fun time visiting during the shoots.

5 Pictures
The diorama Lucas made for school- Calico Ghost town in California 
The pictures Ryder drew for Alex when she was sick this week
She asked Eric to carry her as since she didn't want to walk across the rocks
We always stop in and see the teacher they both had for 1st grade- our favorite teacher! 
Ready for Easter?  One of the pictures I took from my shoot yesterday 
What is your Friday Five?  Join in!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marriage and God

This weekend I was in time-out and I loved it.  So it isn't the traditional time-out every parent thinks of, but I attended a 'Time-Out for Women', sponsored by Deseret Books.  It was a weekend of music, inspirational talks and shopping.  I stayed over night with my friend Julie to complete the whole experience.  It was wonderful and Eric was a superstar managing two soccer games and everything else that comes with being a parent on his own.

We ate good (thanks to my husband who told us about some of the best places in Pasadena to eat),
Supper yummy pizza (and deviled eggs for an appetizer) from the Luggage Room Pizzeria
Me and two of my friends outside of the Dog Haus
Heaven in a bun right there! My hotdog from the Dog Haus
we laughed, shed a few tears, and just enjoyed the sisterhood all 1,600 of us shared.

There was one talk that particularly stuck out to me.  A psychologist Wendy Ulrich began speaking about the four stages of marriage, they are:

  4 Stages of Marriage:
   1. Honeymoon stage: bliss, rose colored glasses, alive and loving stage
   2. Power Struggle Stage: trying to figure out our roles/balance, establishing who what we are
   3. Withdrawal stage: doing your own things, still married but not truly connected
   4. Acceptance and Renewal- learn that you can't change the other but only yourself, learn to love and understand

There stages are not all equal in length and duration and there isn't really a check list that says you have made it through a stage.  There might be areas that we have come to accept, but other areas where we still have that power-struggle for parts of our relationship.

As I sat and contemplated my relationship with my husband; she turned the tables on us and asked where are we in these stages with God.

I will admit, it caused me to pause, caused my heart to skip a beat and my eyes open to a whole other level of truth.  I feel like I have faith, feel like I will do whatever it takes, but do I always turn my will over to Him?   Or do I struggle with what I want, and what I think is right?  Do I take the time to read my scriptures and truly pray or do I withdraw getting caught up in everything but my relationship with Him?  Have I come to the point in our relationship that I can truly say, thy will be done?

She then went on to say that we shouldn't feel discouraged but need to realize that just like a marriage takes works, so does our relationship with God.  He is our advocate and on our side, He wants to help us and be there for us.  We should tell Him what we are afraid of, what we doubt, what we fear, we need to turn it over to Him so He can help and heal us.

We need to learn to sit still with God and practice trust.
I have a long way to go and am so far from who I could and should be, but I try.  Everyday I get up and try and try again.  And as with a good marriage, it takes time, it takes work, it takes faith; but it is worth it.

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