Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: A Million Dollars, Muffins and a Tied Game

Happy Friday everyone!   Yesterday was a crazy busy day so I never did post, but I am back today with Friday 5; sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  #Friday5

5 Thoughts

1. Alex had an exciting soccer game last week, they tied 5-5, it was just crazy back and forth.  I think she played one of her best games since joining club, had the time not run out in the first half, she may have scored a goal.

2. It was a happy mommy moment when I dropped my kids off at school and Lucas very clearly said "I love you."  Love that he still says that, even at school drop off.

3. There is something kind of nice about having a free day and being able to shop and wander from one store to the next.  On Tuesday Ryder went to his friend's house after school, so I had the day to shop (found a new dress for the Hospital fundraiser) and just didn't have to worry about hurrying home.

4. Yesterday I got up extra early so I could go over to the school with the kids for Muffins with Moms.  The PTA hosted the event and it was just what it sounded like, a breakfast of muffins that you could eat with your mom at the school, it was fun and worth getting up early.

5. Last night Eric and I attended a fundraiser for a children's hospital.  It was a black-tie optional event, so we got all dressed up and had a great night.  We have gone to events like these in the past, but this was the best, the food was amazing and the Silhouettes (the ones that were on America's got Talent) performed and it was stunning, plus over $1.3 million dollars was raised for the hospital.

5 Pictures
Daddy's girl
Getting a piggy back ride into her soccer game
Siblings helping each other clean their rooms
She volunteered to help him clean his room
Eating a snack at the mall
Sitting at the mall enjoying a pretzel 
Muffins for Moms
Muffins for Mom day- we already ate our muffins at this point
Dressed up for Hospital Fundraiser
All dressed up for our night out

What is your Friday 5?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Crispy Fish Tacos

About five years ago I wanted fish tacos one night; I had never made fish tacos before but it just sounded good.  So a little bit of experimenting and we had some yummy fish tacos.  Today I am sharing the recipe with you.
Easy Crispy Fish Tacos
Over the years the recipe has changed some.

Some of my kids still eat their tacos without the sauce, and Ryder eats everything separate; but they all love the meal.

Crispy Fish Tacos
Servings: 5 people-two tacos each
Total Time: approx. 40 minutes


1 c. Mayo
1 medium cucumber, peeled and finely diced 
3 T. Cilantro, chopped small
1/2 t. Dill

1 box fz. breaded fish fillets (could use non-breaded if you want a healthier version)
Shredded cheese
Shredded Lettuce
2-3 small tomatoes, diced

1. Bake Fish fillets as directed on box.
2. While fish is baking, chop all vegetables.
3. Prepare sauce by mixing in bowl: mayo, cucumber, cilantro and dill.
4. When fish is done baking, chop fillets into small bite sized pieces.
5. Warm up tortillas in microwave or oven. 
6.  Assemble the tacos by adding fish, some lettuce, diced tomatoes, topping with sauce and sprinkling with a bit of cheese.

Do you have a recipe you have thrown together? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Escape To Eden: A Thrilling Must-read Book

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What happens when society begins messing with DNA?  I was recently given a copy of Escape to Eden by Rachel Mcclellan to review; it is definitely a book worth reading!  My first book from 2016 to make my Can't Put Down List.

The Book:
RUN NOW! When seventeen-year-old Sage wakes up in a hospital with no memories, her only clue are the words written on her hand. With a deadly disease threatening to wipe out mankind, Sage must find out who she is and why most people would kill to get their hands on her--before it's too late. This fast-paced, futuristic thriller is a spine-tingling read!

My Review:
Some things are better left alone. When things are 'peaceful' in society- they feel almost bored and begin messing with DNA; trying to make everyone a little smarter, a little prettier. Soon that isn't enough, and it is taken further creating humans with special abilities and unique looks. But when you mess with DNA things can go horribly wrong, and now the human race is dying except for those who harvest from the originals, those whose DNA has not been altered. 

When Sage wakes up in a hospital unable to remember who she is, two words written on her fingers change everything 'run now'. With a daring escape and her memory slowly coming back, Sage encounters others willing to help, others who realize that maybe being 'normal' would really be best for society. 

This fast paced- page turning book keeps you turning the pages right from page one. I really liked the other characters brought into the book and like their level of character development. The author creates a mystical yet real world. It is an interesting look and take on what can happen when nature is messed with and also second chances. The book is definitely setting itself up for a series (the next book is coming out this spring!) I am looking forward to the other book already. This is a clean book-with no bad language, or intense graphic or sexual imagery. I definitely recommend this book. 

This is not Rachel McClellan's first book- make sure to check out her website to see all her books 

You can purchase your own copy at

Plus enter the giveaway the author is hosting!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Best of the Blogosphere: Week 57

It is Monday and I can't wait to see all your amazing post!!!

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My favorite post last week was this amazing craft room reveal on The Scrap Shoppe.  Love the bright colors, the storage, it is just awesome.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Five: First place, Sick Days and the Fog

Happy Friday everyone!  Join me each Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week for Friday 5!  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts 
1. This week when I picked up Lucas from school, he was standing there with his science fair poster board and a big purple ribbon!  He got 1st place in the entire district!  He will now be moving to the county science fair.  I am so proud of him and so grateful all of his hard work is being acknowledged.

2. Sometimes plans and life get put on hold.  This week Ryder was sick and stayed home from school for a couple days.  One of those awful coughs where he just seems to never stop coughing and a fever.  Thursday I decided to take him to the doctor, called right away but they couldn't get us in until 4:00; of course that whole day he hardly ever coughed and seemed to be doing better.  He did still have a fever though and was prescribed a Z-pack.

3. I was amazed at how little I got done the days he was home.  There were times he was just watching a show so I could have got stuff done, but I think I took a 'sick' day too.

4. A friend from high school started a "reunion" page for those of us that were in band, hoping we can all get together sometime.  Our band director is part of the group and mentioned that he was going to be retiring in four years.  He was young when he was my band director- am I really getting that old?

5. After Alex's soccer game on Saturday, which was rough, we drove through the craziest storm coming home.  Her game was up in the high desert and so we had to descend back down; it was clear and great at her game, but we literally could see the start of the storm as we began our descent.  For a while we were driving right through it and it was the thickest fog I have ever seen in my life, as it was more than just fog, we were driving right through the clouds of the storm.

5 Pictures
First place science fair project
Pretty clouds over mountains
Pretty clouds over the mountains- the same range when came down into the storm through 
Thick fog out window
The fog out the window-Alex took this for me from the back seat
Mother and daughter yogurt trip
Before the fog- and after the game frozen yogurt was a must (don't mind my lack of makeup) 
Funny way to brush your teeth
Don't you sit on the counter when brushing your teeth?

What is your Friday 5?