Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Five: Spring Break, Temple, Cousins

Happy Friday everyone!  I am back with Friday 5!

5 Thoughts

1. I kind of fell off the grid there a bit, missed a week with spring break then last week just never got to the Friday 5.   It has been a fun and crazy couple of weeks.

2. We spent spring break with Eric's family as his little sister and her family were in town.  It was sort of like our yearly summer reunion just in the spring time.  The girls would have been perfectly happy and fine just hanging out together the entire time.  Each is the only girl in their family and so love spending time together.  We call them the Big Three.  The boys get along great too, but definitely need some more structured activities at times.

3. Alex had several soccer games, including the first one that she was not able to play in.  Utah needed one more form for her to be technically released from her California team (though she already had been), it was a big headache a lot of last minute calls and tears, but she was able to play in the second game.

4. Alex also had three bands concerts this week (one of which she missed because of soccer).  It was sort of surreal and really awesome seeing her up there playing the flute.  Many of my favorite memories from high school revolve around band.

5. Eric and I got the Movie Pass, where for $10 a month you can see up to one movie a day.  We love it and on the weekends after the kids go to bed usually go and see a movie.  We have seen way more movies than we otherwise would have.  Including the Quiet Place, the first scary movie I have seen in many years.  I really liked it.

5 Pictures 
extended family eating out

silly masks


cousins at Jordan River Temple Open House


Monday, April 2, 2018

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

The last Tuesday of the month I always look back to find 10 things that made me smile.   Last month, well the last Tuesday slipped past me, so I am sharing this today.

10 Things to Smile About in March

1. Eric's birthday
dad and kids

2. Going to the Home and Garden show with my MIL and SIL
fun at Home Show

3. Spending a morning with just my oldest 

4. Pretty sunsets (and family)
sunset outside of walmart

5. Crazy hair day
crazy hair pop bottle hair

6. Finding new fun places to take the kids
ninja warrior

7. Girl Scout cookies 
girl scout cookies

8.  Living close to family, so they can come to school events 
grandparents at school event

9. Spring flowers and weather 

10. The basement bathroom getting finished!  
DIY bathroom

Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Five: Getting Older, Easter, Spring Break

Happy Good Friday everyone!  I hope you are ready for Easter and the wonderful hope and peace this season brings.  Here is my Friday 5.

5 Thoughts

1. This week I have discovered one huge benefit to a real winter... no yard work.  Now that spring is actually coming, there is so much yard work to do.  I think the previous owners let things go at the end, which we are discovering now that everything is coming back alive.

2. This week at school Alex went to the maturation program.  I have definite memories of mine in school.  Yes, it sometimes freaks me out that she is getting old enough for things like that.

3. I am so excited for this Easter weekend.  Not only is it Easter but it is my church's semi-annual general conference.  I always feel so much peace and hope while listening to the messages and talks this conference weekend. It truly helps me remember what this life is about and what I want for myself and my children.  You can watch it for free here-- LDS Conference--

4. Eric's little sister is coming into town for Spring break.  It will be like our yearly summer reunion just in the spring!  Looking forward to it.

5. The bathroom in the basement is done!  Eric and his Dad did such an awesome job!  It is so nice that the boys finally don't have to use our bathroom.

5 Pictures

Chicken lollipops

DIY bathroom

weeding flower bed

playing a homemade board game

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Five: Paint, American Idol, Zombies

Happy Friday everyone!  Spent the morning at the orthodontist with my son, so Friday 5 is finally making it live.

5 Thoughts

1. It is hard to pick out paint colors!  We are going to paint the outside of our house, and I thought I had colors I liked, but then I was using the Sherwin Williams site to see what the colors would look like on our house and now I am worried the colors are too dark. There is a house in our neighborhood that I like and I actually knocked on their door one day, to ask what their colors are but no one was home.

2. This week was a weird week, some days were so busy and other days there was hardly anything to do.  I actually turned on American Idol (on Hulu), as I was curious to see what it would be like.  Seems just the same as it used to be.  I thought they would maybe change some things up.

3. Lucas has no school today and we celebrated by him getting his bottom braces on!  We did actually go out to breakfast at iHop before so his day wouldn't be all miserable.  Though I do love his new orthodontist.

4. It is supposed to snow again this weekend.  Spring is pretending like it is going to come and then we get a surprise storm, but nothing like the east coast, so I won't complain.

5. Ryder did his "living book character" at school this week.  He was nervous about it the morning of, but he did awesome and realized there was nothing to be nervous about in the end.

5 Pictures
ninja warrior

lots of stuff at Target


living character


Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Five: Parent Teacher Conferences, Book Fair, Home

Happy Friday everyone!  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, do you have any plans?

5 Thoughts

1. This week was parent teacher conference week for the grade school.  Both Ryder and Alex had great reports from their teachers and are doing really well.  Ryder is reading above grade level and making friends.  Alex's teacher said besides doing so well academically she is so kind to everyone, including those who are hard to be friends with.  That made me so proud to hear.

2. We started the week with beautiful weather and ended with snow.  So crazy.  Lots of flowers are starting to come up, I hope they survive the cold we now have.

3. This week was the book fair, I worked at it with another mom during the teacher preview time, only one teacher came in in the two hours we were there, so we just sat and talked.  It turns out she is my age, grew up in Wisconsin, I grew up in Illinois- we have a common friend from our teen years, she also went to BYU, etc. etc.  It was crazy how many similarities we had.

4. Our youth group went last night and helped with a special needs youth group.  There are a group of teens who go every week and are buddies with these amazing special needs youth.  As I sat there watching the teenagers who have chosen to take time every single week to come serve, it gave me so much hope for the future.  There are good kids out there.

5. We have been getting estimates this week to paint the exterior of our house, and holy cow it is going to be expensive.  Anyone found a money tree yet?

5 Pictures
fun at Home Show

girl scout cookies


lunch with blogging friend

snow in March

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.