Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Five: Summer Break, Promotions, BYU Fan Fest

It's a very late Friday Five!  We have been enjoying a little getaway this week to celebrate the end of the school year.  Join me every Friday by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. School is out!  Tuesday was my kids' last day of school.  I really cannot believe it is over!

2. Monday was a busy day, first with Lucas' 5th grade promotion; I never had a 5th grade promotion, it really is kind of funny as they are all going to the same middle school next year... anyway, as funny as it is it was also wonderful.  We were able to pull the other two out of school early and then all went out to lunch.  Then that evening was Ryder's kindergarten performance.  It was a fun day.

3. A couple of years ago we surprised our kids with a trip to Legoland right after school got out, we wanted to do it again this year.  It was really hard keeping it a secret from Alex especially as she is a sneaky clever one who likes to eaves drop on conversations.  We left a day after school got out, instead of the day of like last time, so on the last day of school when Eric wasn't coming home early, she began to doubt if we were doing a surprise trip.   So in the end we got her.

4. Packing for a three day trip is so much easier then a week long trip. I kept thinking I must be forgetting something as it seemed to easy.

5. This last Saturday we went to a BYU fan fest, it was so much fun!  Not only were there some little games and things for the kids, but we got to meet and get autographs from lots of BYU basketball and football players.  We also got to meet two of the new football coaches including Ty Detmer.  It was a total fan girl day.

5 Pictures
Best Friends on Fun in the Sun Day
Ryder and his best friend on fun in the sun day
BYU Cosmo
With Cosmo- BYU's mascot
With BYU Football coaches
Family with coaches Kalani Sitake and Ty Detmer

BYU Football player autographs
Ryder had the football players and coaches sign his helmet
Sunset over the ocean
Sunset over the ocean

What is your Friday 5 this week?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of School 2016

Our summer has already begun.  Tuesday was my kids last day of school.  It really feels surreal to me, it feels more like they will have to go back on Monday.  We took our traditional last day of school pictures.

My baby is now officially in school all day, it was strange the first day I dropped him off at Kindergarten and came home to an empty house, but next year when he will be gone all day.. I might just cry the first few days.
R Last Day School
My 'red-headed beauty' as her Daddy calls her; she had a great year and loves to keep busy in so many different activities.  She is definitely my one extrovert who comes home charged and excited for life.  
A Last Day School
My first-born, I cannot believe he is done with grade school!  A whole set of new adventures and problems are about to open up in his world.  It will be a crazy ride, but I know he can make it through it and still have his heart of gold. 
L Last Day school
My three crazy kids, I do love them- even on the days that I might just need a bit of a break. 
Kids Last Day School
For fun, comparisons from the first and last days.  It was definitely a lot warmer on the first day of school, and hair was done a little more neatly and the outfits planed a little more, though Ryder is actually wearing the same shirt, he has definitely changed the most this past year physically I think.   It has been a great year.
R First and Last Day
A First Last Day
L First Last Day
kids first and last day

Do you have a last day of school tradition?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fun Family Traditions

We all have family traditions we love.  It can be a simple as a special meal we make, a family movie night, or even a yearly trip your family likes to take.
Big Bear Lake
A few years ago my family began a yearly trip to Big Bear Lake.  We went not knowing for sure what we were going to do, but thought it would be a fun weekend getaway.  One afternoon we were hanging out by the lake and saw a boat rental place and thought, that looks like fun.

We had never rented a boat before and didn't really know how to find the best boat rental place. We just wandered from shop to shop until we found a boat we were able to rent.  If we had known about, this process would have been a lot easier.

We did manage to find a boat and the kids loved it!  We packed a lunch, boarded the boat and slowly cruised around the lake enjoying the sites. 
Family Boat ride

This has become a must during our yearly trip to Big Bear.  

We usually rent a pontoon and enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the lake.  We do like trying to 'jump' the wake of the faster speed boats; one of these years we will have to find a place that rents speed boats or even some wave runners.
Riding on a Boat
Though, I might want my kids to take some boat safety courses before we just set them free on wave runners.  I have a friend who was a competitive water skier and the things she taught me definitely helped me feel a lot more safe on the water and helped so I could finally get up on skis. 
Enjoying a boat road
If you aren't sure what type of boat your family or friends might want to rent, you should check out the Boat Selector Tool that will help you find the boat or watercraft that would be the perfect fit for your getaway.

My kids look forward to our yearly day on the lake and I know we will always have great memories from this tradition.

What traditions does your family love?

** You should check out this video- oh the feels! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Beginning and End: Kindergarten and 5th Grade Promotions

Yesterday was a big day, a day where yes a few tears may have slid down my cheek.  Yesterday not only was it my youngest's kindergarten performance but my oldest had his 5th grade promotion!

Okay, yes before I share a bunch of pictures, I do think it is kind of funny that 5th grade has a promotion, but when you are the mom of the 5th grader you just love it anyway.

I am so proud of Lucas and how well he has done.  When he started kindergarten, it only lasted a week and a half- until we pulled him out and waited a year.  The next year was better, but he still struggled to even get 10 green-days in a row.  Finally things began to click, and now he promoted a 4.0 GATE student who won first place in the District Science Fair, whom all his teachers adore.  What a difference a few years can make.
5th Grade Promotion parade
5th Grade Promotion
5th Grade Teacher
After his promotion we went out to lunch to celebrate.  Alex and Ryder were able to leave school early also, so the whole family went to Lucille's for a celebratory lunch.

Lucille's BBQ

Then last night, it was Ryder's turn with a really cute kinder performance, of songs and a poem.  He even was part of a group of 6 kids who came down and performed the dance to song they were singing, kind of like a mini-solo just with five other kids.
Getting Ready to sing
Kindergarten Performance

He has had a great year and I have loved being able to be there in his class so often.  As we were looking through his memory books, I realized I was there for all of the big days and a whole lot more.
With Kindergarten teacher
Best Friends

Now Tuesday, their last day of school marks the end of an era for me.  The end of having a child home at least part of the day, the end of all three of my kids ever being in the same school at the same time... the end of just elementary school as my oldest goes off to Middle school.  It has been a crazy ride and life really is good right now.  I know there will soon be many new experiences, challenges and craziness to deal with, but for today- life is good.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Best of the Blogosphere: Week 72

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 My favorite post this week?  10 Ways That Toddlers are like Puppies from Sunshine and Spoons.  I am past the toddler stage and this made me laugh and kind of grateful for it the whole way through.
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