Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Five: Books, Twins and Donuts

Friday! Woot! Join me for Friday 5. Easy way to end the week by sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week. #Friday5

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5 Thoughts
1. I am reading a Christmas story!  Not the Christmas story (you're going to shoot your eye out!), but a story that takes place at Christmas time.  No I am not setting up for Christmas yet, just reviewing the book for the author; loving it so far.  Don't worry will tell you all about it soon.

2. Have you seen Christmas stuff in the stores yet? I have.  Way way too soon, we haven't even bought Halloween costumes yet!  Lucas said he wasn't going to dress up this year, but I think we may have convinced him too.  He is only 10 (okay he will be 11 next week), he definitely needs to still do it!

3. I got my bookshelf for my craft room all put together, today I plan on painting the desk then everything should start falling into place; I am excited.

4. Alex had a great soccer practice on Wednesday; it was the first time since joining club that I have just really seen that spark, that extra aggressiveness that she used to have.  I think the newness of club, the intensity, the level of the girls and the game just overwhelmed her at first, she had to think about things a lot; but now it seems to be all clicking again.

5. I am fighting a cold, in some ways I feel like I am losing.. I cannot lose, too much going on.  It will be wonderful this Sunday being able to watch church in my pajamas with the semi-annual General Conference.  I am so looking forward to this weekend of inspiration and hope; it is always amazing.

5 Pictures
Red-headed twin
Ryder had a red-headed twin on the team they played against on Saturday, out of the field it was almost hard to tell them apart, their similar uniforms compounded it.  
Off to Women's Conference
Alex and I on our way to the Women's session of LDS Conference last Saturday
glow in the dark mini golf
Random Monday off = some glow- mini golf
Making his own lunch
Making his own sandwich for the first time
Off to School With Daddy
Off to school with Daddy for a Donuts with Daddy breakfast before school 

Have you seen Christmas stuff in the stores yet?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Please Just Be Kind

You can't win anymore.  It feels like no matter what you do there will be someone right there ready to criticize and belittle you.

Give to the homeless and you are enabling and causing crime to rise.

Don't give and you are selfish and greedy.

Stand up for what you believe in and your a bigot, racist, prejudice, or old fashioned.

Don't stand up for what you believe in and you're a coward.

I am part of a neighborhood watch Facebook page.  If you ever really want to get paranoid join a neighborhood watch page.

Recently there has been a lot of chatter about panhandlers and some with very questionable motives and backgrounds.  I will be honest;  I often find myself quite conflicted when it comes to giving to someone on the streets.

On that group someone recently posted about how she was disgusted by the lady using her kids to ask for money as she sat there with her freshly done nails.

Many jumped on agreeing how awful that was and the other half said maybe a beauty school did her nails for free, etc. etc.

Back and forth.

Another person later posted this amazing story going around Facebook of a man who saw a homeless man digging through the garbage and he felt like he should offer to buy him some food.  As he began talking with this man he discovered that he had been living on the streets since his father passed away a year ago and he actually had an enormous tumor growing in his stomach.  The story ends with several doctors reaching out to offer to operate for free.  Just a feel good moment.

Then the comments started coming in:
 "When you give, give in secret."
 "I bet this guy is patting himself on the back for all of the attention he is getting now."

After that one I just couldn't stay quiet.

"Yes," I told him, "he might be patting himself on the back; but maybe not.  Who are we to judge his intentions?"

I went on to say it is hard, as yes you shouldn't be broadcasting your good deeds; yet these moments like this, these moments that show the good in society; well the news surely isn't reporting them and so if no one shares, then we will just see all of the bad, all of the problems, and will begin to believe that is all there is.

It is human nature to see what you believe. If you believe you always get stopped at the red lights, you are not going to notice the green lights you make, but only notice the times you get stopped at the red lights.

So let's flood the internet with good, with hope and inspiration.  Let's flood our feeds with happiness and kindness.  If people start to think and believe that overall people are good and want to help, then they will notice the good, which will help them spread good themselves even further.

And let's give each other a break when we do so; no judgment needed.

Why can't we all just try to see the good in each other?

Let's flood the earth with good and light.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

It is officially fall, this month is almost over and a very busy time of year is about to hit us all.  For now, on this last Tuesday of the month, I am going to stop and find 10 Things that made me smile in September.  Join me!  Linky will be open for two weeks.

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Ten Things to Smile About in September

1. This picture- my kids definitely do fight, but in the end they really are there for each other- even cleaning their little brother's face.

2. Spending a weekend in Big Bear.. which I am still yet to blog about.  Throw back Thursday anyone?

3. Beautiful Sunsets

4. Giving two successful talks in church, in two different wards or congregations (well the same talk two different times)

5. Going to the Rose Bowl and cheering on my BYU Cougars, even if we lost.. though just barely!
Football at the Rose Bowl

6. Two awesome thrift store finds and actually getting one all finished!
Dresser Makeover

7. Friends reunited and this adorable picture
Friends on a rainy day

8. The cool blood moon and eclipse.

9. Watching Ryder play soccer
Soccer game

10. Alex getting an assist in her last soccer game, even if I wasn't there to see it.  When both kids have games at the same time, have to divide and conquer.
Not from the game I missed but a cool soccer picture from the week before 
What made you smile this month?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Keeping Kids Safe in Soccer

I love that my daughter plays sports and I love that she is good at them too.  As she gets older and the intensity increases, unfortunately so does the danger.
Keeping Kids Safe in Soccer

My daughter is now on a club soccer team and those girls run fast and hard.  She comes home from every games with bruises all over her legs.  I always wonder how she gets these as she wears shin guards, but maybe they just aren't enough.
Dribbling a soccer ball

Thankfully she has never gotten severely injured, but that risk is always there.

Storelli Sports is a company founded by and for soccer players.  They are the only brand devoted exclusively to the design and manufacture of head-to-toe soccer protection.

Alex was able to try both the head ExcoShield Head Guard and the Body Shield Leg Guard.

I will admit when I saw the pictures on the website of the Head Guard I wondered if it would feel bulky and like you were wearing a helmet.

But Alex after wearing it said she really liked it and liked the way it looked, it looked cool, she said.
Storelli Soccer Gear

It really seems more like a giant sweat band (than a helmet), yet you can feel the extra protection throughout. The rate of concussions in soccer is actually quite high and concussions occur more frequently in women's soccer than in men's soccer.  While the ExoShield Head Guard does not prevent concussions, studies have shown that it significantly reduces the force of impact to the covered areas.

The Body Shield Leg Guards not only help ensure that the shin guards stay in place, but also helps protect the sides and back of the legs a bit more.
Storelli Leg Guards

Alex has the type of shin guards with a foot strap and then strap around her leg.  The Body Shield Leg guards are designed for the shin guard that you can slip in.  She tried the Leg Guards with her regular shin guards and still loved the Leg Guards and said they were so comfortable.  She told me we should definitely go buy her some slip in shin guards as she always wants to wear these and it would make it so much easier just to slip her shin guards in.

I think as she continues to use these she will come home with a few less bruises on her legs.
Each week I go and cheer on Alex, wanting her to play her best, wanting her to play aggressive and really be in the game and now I feel a little safer while she does.

**For the next two weeks, each of your can use the code INJURIESSUCK20  to received 20% off all Storelli purchases. **

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Make sure to come back tomorrow and join me for 10 things to Smile About this month.  Your way to look back over the month (the good and the bad ones) and find those 10 things that made you smile.  

My favorite post this week are these adorable mini jack-o-lantern pies.  Just reading this post got me so in the mood for fall and Halloween.  My kids would flip if I made these!
As for your favorites, it's fun to see such a wide variety of posts from some new faces. Since we allow all genres in our linky party, it's great to have different ones represented in the Top 4. Here they are!
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