Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten Things to Smile About

Last Tuesday of the month means 10 Things to Smile About This Month.. looking back and finding those little things that made me smile.

10 Things to Smile About in June

1. Having my parents in town visiting
Grandparents and kids

2. Ryder's team getting 1st place in Flag Football!
flag football coaches

3. Father's Day!
Father and kids

4. My niece and her amazing piano recital and she graduated from high school!
family and niece

5. Celebrating 16 years of marriage with my best friend
New York Grill

6. Summer break.. especially lazy mornings
eating breakfast

7. My parents being able to watch Alex dominate in soccer
treats after soccer

8. Finding old pictures that have been living on an old camera
kids at Mesa Arizona Temple

9. Being able to celebrate my Dad's birthday with him in town
Grandpa birthday

10. Continuing to eat the alphabet, best date idea ever!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Beyond- A perfect summer read

It's summer time, which means it's the best time for those fun summer reads and I have a perfect one for you.  I was recently given a copy of Beyond by Catina Haverlock and Angela Larkin to review.

The Book
“Dangerous. Wrong. She could be so close to finding out who I really am, and I don’t want to think about how badly that could damage her. If I have any conscience,
I’ll turn and run. But I can’t let her go.”

Presley Hale has no idea the guy she just told off in the school parking lot died in a drowning accident four months ago. Why would she? It’s not like she knows she can see the dead. Stunned by Presley’s sixth sense, Landon Blackwood rethinks his planned departure and begins tracking her to find answers to their mysterious connection.

When their complicated relationship turns dangerous, they learn that tampering with the boundaries of death comes with consequences. Can Landon save Presley from the insidious spirits who have marked her for death, or was their love doomed from the beginning?

My Review
  This is a quick, page-turning read.  I finished it in one day and really didn't want to put it down.  A tragic accident took Landon's life too soon.  Not ready to move on, he stays behind seeing his family and friends, when he discovers that someone can see him.  This look into the life-after and what may come next is a fun and intriguing read.  The characters are likable and sympathetic and there were twists that I didn't expect to happen.

This book has one of those endings that you can't decide if you love or hate, making it one of those books that you keep thinking about.   It is also what I classify as a clean book- free of graphic imagery and language.

I definitely recommend this for the perfect summer read.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 5: Swimming, Hot and A weekend

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are all staying cool and having a great summer.  It's Friday 5 time where I recap the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

5 Thoughts

1. This week was a hot one!  Triple digits!  We get triple digits here, but usually not until August.  In June we are supposed to have our June gloom.  Usually I hate the June gloom as it makes swimming lessons freezing, this year I am wishing it was back.

2.  Ryder finished swimming lessons, he did a great job.  Swimming lessons always make me wish we had a pool so he could keep practicing what he has learned and it sure would be nice to just have one.

3. We did go swimming at a friends house a couple of times this week, though just ask my kids, I don't even get in the pool- much to their dismay, but I don't go for the swimming, I go to visit with the other moms.

4. This weekend was a wonderful one with an anniversary, birthday and father's day.  It was fun having my parents here to celebrate it all.

5. We are going on vacation soon, looking forward to it- just not the packing part of it.

5 Pictures
Grandparents at train park

riding the train

eating breakfast
New York Grill

train tracks

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An Anniversary, a Birthday and Father's Day

Sometimes weekends are very busy, like when an anniversary, a birthday and Father's Day all fall in the same weekend.

This last Friday, Eric and I celebrated 16 years or marriage.  In just four more years I will have been married for the same number of years that I was single in my life.  That is a crazy thought.
New York Grill

We celebrated with dinner and a movie.  We were on the letter N for our eating the alphabet, so we found a fancy place for dinner this time.

We then went and saw Wonder Women, (super good movie) where Eric bought out the theater just for us, or so he likes to tell people.
A post shared by Eric (@egbweb) on

Saturday was my Dad's birthday.  He was in town visiting, so of course we had to celebrate.  A lot of the day was spent celebrating at Alex's soccer tournament, but they had fun watching her play despite the 97 degree heat.
treats after soccer

Grandpa birthday

Then of course Sunday was Father's Day.
Father and kids

Fathers Day

Some of Eric's presents came early for him, on our anniversary, as I bought him the second Traeger he has been really wanting.  The Traeger is definitely the gift that keeps giving, as on Father's Day he smoked a brisket and ribs.  They were so so good!
Fathers Day pictures

Grandparents and kids

It was a wonderful and full weekend, remembering what matters most, family and love.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Five: A Special Anniversary Edition

Happy Friday everyone, today is a very special Friday-- I will tell you why in the first comment.

5 Thoughts

1. Today marks 16 years since Eric and I got married.  If I had been on top of it, I would have written a really mush anniversary post for the man I truly love and who really is my best friend.  Instead I will be leave you with a bunch of links about how we met, our first kiss, how Eric proposed, and other anniversary posts (2016, 2015, 2014, 20132012, 2011, 2010, 2009) I wrote in the past-- and Wow!  Reading those posts was a trip down blogging memory lane. 

2. Ryder had his last flag football game this weekend, it was the championship game and they finished the season undefeated, first place!  He was so excited. 

3. This week has been a very crazy soccer week.  Goalie training on Monday, scrimmage on Wednesday, indoor game on Thursday, and a tournament this weekend!  My parents are in town and are definitely getting their fill of Alex playing soccer. 

4. On Sunday we went to my niece's piano recital.  The whole recital was just her, her Senior exhibition, and she is amazing!  It is so crazy that she is graduating from high school next week.  

5. My parents have been here visiting with us all week, it is so fun having family in town.  We have mostly done swim lessons and soccer, but the game playing at night with the four of us is priceless.  
Yesterday we went out to a train park so I could take pictures of one of my favorite clients and to have some family fun.  The kids definitely liked the ice-cream stop we made on the way home.  

5 Pictures
flag football coaches
family and niece
playing checkers with grandma
riding train at Griffith park
Grandparents and kids at train park