Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Pirate Photo Shoot

Since Ryder is going to be a pirate for Halloween, I figured I needed to take full advantage of his costumes and willingness to pose with a Pirate Photo Shoot!

Yesterday I took Ryder to a nearby park that has this awesome boat.  I even made a flag for the perfect prop, instructions on that below.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the park the east facing boat was in horrible sun, all of the best shots would have required Ryder to look right into the light.  But we made do, I got more practice shooting in not ideal lighting, and in the end, we had a successful shoot.

Here are a few of my favorites.
kids pirate costume

kids pirate costume
kids pirate photo shoot
kids pirate costume
Pirate costume
Pirate costume

A Pirate Flag
We checked several stores for a pirate flag but had no luck.  So I decided to make one.

I bought a yard of black fabric and a quarter square of white.  The yard of black was almost twice what I needed.

I used my silouhette to cut out a the skull and cross bone pattern onto the white.
how to make a pirate flag

I didn't really feel like sewing, especially the night before a shoot, so I used fabric tape, it worked perfectly.
With the fabric tape on it before I pulled off the tape backing
I stapled, with a staple gun, the fabric to the poll, just a small circular rod we bought at the fabric store.

I then roughly cut the ends of the flag into the shredded zig-zag pattern.

I realized that without a breeze, the flag would just be drooping, hanging straight down.

So I cut an approximately 3" strip of a cardboard box and glued it (I used a spray adhesive) to the top of the flag.
pirate flag

This did the trick and helped keep the flag open for the shoot.
Pirate flag

What are your kids being for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bearer of Bad News

No one likes being the bearer of bad news; but as a mother.. well you kind of get used to it.

"It's time to get ready for school."... followed by wails or choruses of NNNOOOO!

"Yes, you do need to eat your vegetables."---"But they're poisonous!"

"It's time to clean up and get ready for bed."  --- "Why!?! Can't we play just a little longer?  It's not fair!"

"No you cannot wear shorts, it's only 60 outside!" (We live in Southern California that's freezing here!)

As a mother you start to become a bit immune to the wails and cries of indignation and injustice.

But for once wouldn't it be nice to be able to just say all good news?

I think this might be why I started my Yes Day.

For one day a year, I am the hero, the mouthpiece of the word Yes!

But, until then I will just sigh, roll my eyes and join in whaling with them.... it really throws off their game when you do that.
My kids and I- I really do love them

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Sometimes life is wonderful and sometimes it is downright hard, but there are always good things, a silver lining if you just stop and look for it.  Join me and look back and find 10 Things to Smile About in October.
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Linky will be open for two weeks so plenty of time to join in.

10 Things to Smile About in October

1.  Fall and fall decorations!  Even if the weather hasn't realized it's fall here yet.

2. This picture just makes me smile

3. Lucas' birthday and the awesome boy he is.  I can't believe I have a child in the double digits now! When I began my blog he was 4.

4. Cool clouds and beautiful scenery

5. The fact that my kids have learned they had just better smile nice for pictures... and sometimes I let them be silly too.

6. Alex being on a great soccer team- not only do they have a lot of great players, but they play together really well as a team and I get along with and have fun visiting with the other parents at practice.

7. Lots of great photo shoots this month.

8. Dressing up like this with my husband.. it was for a party, don't worry we don't usually look like that.

9. My birthday! Eric and the kids did a great job making it a wonderful day with a lot of fun surprises.

10. Watching all of my kids during the Primary program and seeing their testimonies and faith in Christ continue to grow daily.

What made you smile this month?  Linky will be open for two weeks, so plenty of time to join in!

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Birthday Weekend Recap

My birthday was just technically one day, but we didn't have my cake until Sunday, so I can call it a birthday weekend.  So here is my birthday weekend in pictures.

It began Friday night with a Murder Mystery Dinner- it was a High School Reunion set in the 80's. Eric and I dressed the part. He was Danny Drummer and I was Sally Sax- high school band geeks and sweethearts who were now married with our own music studio.

It ended up being a ton of fun and Eric and I ended up being pretty big suspects as the man who died owed us a lot of money....we still haven't received our money by the way.

Saturday started with donuts for breakfast, then I was totally spoiled with lots of presents.

New lamps to replace the broken one in the living room, new dishes (to replace the broken plates and not full set anymore), gift cards, a puzzle by my favorite puzzle creator, chocolates, and a GoPro!  I am looking forward to having some fun with the GoPro.

Then it was off to Alex's soccer game, where she scored three goals in the first half and then played defense and goalie the second half, it was a good game; they won 6-0.
Alex with her goal jersey- she is on team Germany
Then we went out to lunch where I had a yummy gyro.  Didn't take any pictures though.

Saturday evening we had our church Halloween Party and Trunk-R-Treat.  It was a lot of fun and here is one sneak peak of my kids' costumes.  I will show more pictures later this week as of course I took a lot.

Then Sunday was my church's Primary Program. The kids ages 3-11 have been working all year, learning songs and then they each say a little part and sing lots of songs and put on the main service presentation.  It is always a wonderful Sunday and so fun to watch the kids.  This was the first year that all three of my kids were in the program!  Lucas and Alex did great the entire time. Ryder did good saying his part, though very loudly spoke in the microphone at first, and then near the end he and his little friend Aubrey were having a hard time sitting still but were entertaining to watch.

So a busy and fun weekend.. and I am still in the lower half of my 30's (barely), so life is good.

Come back tomorrow for 10 Things to Smile About This Month!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five: Pictures and Pictures

Friday 5 Time! (#Friday5) Come share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. This weekend Alex scored a goal again during her soccer game.  She played goalie the second half and literally never touched the ball.  We won 5-0. I felt bad for the other team, but not as bad as the week we beat the other team  9-1.

2. Tonight Eric and I are going to a murder mystery party- we are supposed to dress up 80's style.. so I will be running around today trying to figure out something for us to wear, yeah I procrastinated.

3. This week I did a sales session with a client (where I show them the pictures, they order, etc), took a 3-month-old little girl's pictures, took pictures of the kids from Alex's class for her teacher, and photographed an Eagle Court of Honor, I think I will put my camera away for the weekend!

4. This week I got an e-mail from Lucas' teacher reminding the parents that if their child was running for student council they had to have their speeches ready by Thursday, I said something to Lucas about this and he said, 'oh yeah, I am going to try and run for President.'  I was shocked, surprised and very proud.  Eric helped him write his speech Wednesday night, they didn't get to them Thursday but he will be presenting for his class well today now technically, so excited and nervous to see how it goes.

5. And last but not least..... tomorrow is my birthday.

5 Pictures
Ryder "helping" me with laundry- i.e. swimming in it
They were amazed by their tower and wanted me to take a picture- so I did
The first card of the game and look what he gets (and yes I did stack the deck to get it over fast)
The sweet chubby 3-month-old I photographed this week
His Jelly Bean stand all set up waiting for costumers (i.e. me)
What is your Friday 5 this week?