Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Five: Parent Teacher Conferences, Book Fair, Home

Happy Friday everyone!  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, do you have any plans?

5 Thoughts

1. This week was parent teacher conference week for the grade school.  Both Ryder and Alex had great reports from their teachers and are doing really well.  Ryder is reading above grade level and making friends.  Alex's teacher said besides doing so well academically she is so kind to everyone, including those who are hard to be friends with.  That made me so proud to hear.

2. We started the week with beautiful weather and ended with snow.  So crazy.  Lots of flowers are starting to come up, I hope they survive the cold we now have.

3. This week was the book fair, I worked at it with another mom during the teacher preview time, only one teacher came in in the two hours we were there, so we just sat and talked.  It turns out she is my age, grew up in Wisconsin, I grew up in Illinois- we have a common friend from our teen years, she also went to BYU, etc. etc.  It was crazy how many similarities we had.

4. Our youth group went last night and helped with a special needs youth group.  There are a group of teens who go every week and are buddies with these amazing special needs youth.  As I sat there watching the teenagers who have chosen to take time every single week to come serve, it gave me so much hope for the future.  There are good kids out there.

5. We have been getting estimates this week to paint the exterior of our house, and holy cow it is going to be expensive.  Anyone found a money tree yet?

5 Pictures
fun at Home Show

girl scout cookies


lunch with blogging friend

snow in March

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Five: Birthday, Bathrooms and Sick Boy

Happy Friday everyone!  This is going to be a busy full weekend, but hopefully will be a good one.  What are your weekend plans?  Here is my week in 5 thoughts and 5 pictures

5 Thoughts

1. This last weekend we actually had a rare weekend with no soccer. Alex loves soccer and so I don't really mind all of the time it takes, but it definitely is nice to have some weekends off.

2. This week was Eric's birthday!  We celebrated by going out to dinner with his parents and cake and ice-cream of course.  Ryder helped me decorate his cake this year.

3. All of the presents Eric got were related to food.  Which, if you know him is very fitting.

4. Last night we went to Lowe's and got the rest of the things we need to finish the bathroom downstairs.  This will be the first time in about 7 years that the boys will have their own bathroom and won't be using ours.   It will be so nice.

5. Ryder was sick this week, just a low fever and no other symptoms. Thankfully a one day thing.  The day he was home was also the day the plumbers were here at the house getting some stuff ready for the bathroom and replacing all of the toilets in our house.  We had what Eric liked to call 'toddler toilets'- now we have much nicer bigger ones, good for the big people in our house.

5 Pictures
playing checkers
birthday cake

dad and kids

unfinished bathroom

buying supplies at Lowes

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Last Year of Being Young

I remember as a kid thinking 40 sounded so old.  Now, well 40 is nothing.  Today my husband starts his last year of his thirty's and he doesn't seem old to me, because if he was old than I would have to be old too.

Time is such a funny thing.

But on today's my husband's birthday, 39 almost 40 doesn't seem old at all.

I truly am blessed in that my husband really is my best friend.  I love that we just enjoy hanging out together, I love that it doesn't have to be anything crazy or complex but we just love being together.

I love the father that he is.  He truly is such an incredible Dad.  He is there for the kids, he loves them unconditionally, but he is also a parent and teaches them and helps mold them to be good people.  Yes, Alex has him wrapped around her finger, but even holds her accountable.
kids and dad

I love how hard he works to provide for our family.  He has had many long hours, dealt with jobs and things that were just incredibly hard, but he never quit- never gave up.  Just continued to work had and take care our family.

I love his big laugh, even if it has embarrassed me a time or two, but that it comes so frequently and that he brings so much joy and happiness to our family and those around him.

I love how big and tall he is and how safe I feel in his arms.

I love that I will be able to spend eternity with him and the efforts, battles and sacrifices that he makes daily to lead us to that goal.

To my husband on your special day-- Happy Birthday! I love you!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Five: Plumbers, Book Club and Snow

--this post contains an affiliate link, which let's be honest I hardly make any money from--

Did you think I wasn't going to do my Friday 5 today?   It is a late start, but here it is

5 Thoughts

1. It is a late start because well Friday's are late starts.  The middle school starts late and the grade school gets out early.  Really does throw off the entire day.  Plus today a plumber came over to talk about what things need to get done so we can finish the bathroom in the basement.  Luckily my father-in-law was here, as he definitely can talk shop better than I can.  It will be nice for the boys to have their own bathroom instead of using ours.

2. I had book club last night.  We read The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, it was really good and definitely a good Book Club book with lots to talk about.   I hosted and had lots of snacks and goodies, I love party foods!

3. This week at church for the youth we had a get to know your game.  Lucas did not want to participate and literally left, just wandering around the hallways.  Afterwards, he said he realized he should have come in.... baby steps.  He truly is doing overall so good and a totally different person than when he was little and suffered from so much anxiety.

4. We were supposed to get a major snow storm this weekend, but now it seems like it is just going to all be rain.  It kind of makes me sad, but it is March, so winter should be coming to an end. I am sure I will get my snow fill next winter.

5. Our house is almost all set up, we still have some boxes in the garage and pictures that need to be hung, but it definitely feels like home.

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note for friend


crazy hair pop bottle hair

pretty clouds

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

I went back and looked and this is my 106th 10 Things to Smile About!  It is crazy that I have written so many, but I am so grateful that I take the time every month to look back and see what made me smile.

10 Things to Smile About in February

1. Stating to Eat the Alphabet again

2. Going dancing with Eric!
all dressed up

3. Fancy Family Valentine's Dinner
Fancy Family Valentines Dinner

4. The Olympics and my kids' version of the Olympics

5. Living close to family
cousins at dinner

6. Alex doing awesome at soccer, she really has been playing at the top of her game lately
Soccer tournament

7. Snow and it finally feeling like winter (Yes someday this might not make me smile but it does for now)

8. This picture
silly selfies

9. Going to Zion's National Park
Zions National Park

10. Spending a fun day with the family in between soccer games
St. George Temple Visitor Center

What made you smile this month?