Monday, May 14, 2018

A Special Birthday

There were tears yesterday, lots of genuinely sad tears.  "Why can't I open my presents today?"   Last year, for the first time, Ryder and I shared Mother's Day and his birthday.  This year my day came first, and his excitement and anticipation was more than he could bare.

Today- today finally my son is your special day, your 8th birthday.

Ryder had a spectacular entrance into the world, coming 8 weeks early when we were over 600 miles from home.

When we finally arrived home a month later, the adventures continued, troubled feedings, horrific reflux and low iron levels; but we loved him.

When he finally was able to sit up the reflux seemed to magically go away, though still to this day if he laughs a lot he will get the hiccups-every single time.

Time seemed to fly.

Life was filled with joy and the cleverest sense of humor.  He could stack a tower of thin blocks perfectly at 1, could hit a ball with a bat at two, he just continue to grow and amaze us.

I have always said he seems to be a combination of his brother and sister.  First approaching things a little tentatively, a little unsure, a little shy even- but once in jumping in fully and succeeding at the things he does.

He is one who knows what he wants once he knows it, but sometimes has a hard time figuring out what that is.

He is still my cuddle bug to this day, and as my children are growing older and taller than me, I truly love having one who still wants to cuddle.
boy and a bear

Now he is eight, I can hardly believe it.  Next month he will get baptized and I know it all just seems to go so fast from there.
ice cream

Too my youngest, my baby.  I love you and hope you have a truly wonderful birthday.