Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Five: Hope of America, Cinco De Mayo, School

Happy Friday!  What are your Mother's Day plans?

5 Thoughts

1. Our school year is winding down and I cannot believe it, time really has gone so fast.  The kids all had a good school year and I think next year will be even a little better and easier for them since we won't be switching schools and moving halfway through the school year.

2. Ryder earned his first stripe on his white belt in karate.  Once he gets enough stripes he will advance to yellow belt.  Last time they broke boards, it was fun to watch.

3. On Saturday we went to some friends house for a Cinco De Mayo party, it was a lot of fun and Eric and I took 2nd place in the Cornhole contest, which we got so close to totally winning.

4. This was my last week of helping in my kids' classroom as the year is winding down.  It was great to be able to help though it did make make miss our old school and how much I knew the office staff, the teachers, just everyone.  But we have only been here half a year I just need to be patient.

5. Last night we went to BYU to watch Alex perform in the Hope of America performances, it was with other 5th graders from about 20 different schools.  It was an incredible performance that truly honored this country.

5 Pictures
Cinco de mayo party

hitting a pinata

hitting a pinata

silly kids

Hope of America performance

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