Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a Coincidence ?

So for any of you that may not know, I am huge BYU football fan. I started going to the games my freshmen year and continue to watch them to this day 6+ years after graduation. I am not just a fair weather fan or someone who watches just because my husband does, I really enjoy the games and know facts and info about the players.... so anyways I am rambling.
Todd Christensen, who graduated from BYU, has been announcing most of the BYU games this year that have been broadcast on the Mountain. He always seemed to favor the other team, and finally after the BYU vs. CSU game, I had had enough! I sent the following e-mail to the Mountain.

"Let me begin by saying I am a huge BYU football fan. I was a Superfan during college. I did not go to the games simply to socialize I went to watch the games. Now 7 years later I still continue to zealously watch every BYU football game. I often amaze people with all of the facts and statistics I know about BYU football. Did I also mention I am a girl. Last night I enjoyed/suffered through the BYU vs. Colorado State game. It was an exciting one but something just really bothered me throughout the broadcast, Todd Christensen's comments. Usually I enjoy the comments and remarks by the broadcasters throughout the game; however last night, if I did not know Todd had graduated from and played for BYU I would of sworn he was CSU's love-child. He could not stop singing praises to CSU throughout the game and seemed to be ever critical of BYU. He could not get enough of the their coach who coached for the NFL... wasn't this the same man who got a penalty because he was yelling at the refs the entire game? Did they ever mention John Beck, who also plays for the Dolphins was there at the game? The nail in the coffin was after Jorgensen tackled Farris to then earn the spot as the all time leading tackler in the MWC Christensen went on to say “good job by Farris to take the sack” I am sorry, but when does a quarter back ever allow a sack? Sure the man he wanted was covered but aren't there supposed to be dump off guys, or better for a quarterback to just throw it away. Anyhow, I could go on forever. I did notice that Todd graduated in Social work, so maybe he understands the human psyche and does not want people to think he favors BYU so he is trying to look balanced. Well Todd, you have taken it one step too far! Stop! Don't be one sided like the refs so often are, your job is to be fair, call the game and let the rest of us enjoy it. I look forward to watching many more BYU football games and will continue to do so, even when we play Pac 10 teams and I have to suffer through their announcers worshiping all Pac 10 teams, but when I watch my Cougs play another Mountain West opponent I don't want to come away from the game just really wanting to throw something at the T.V.
A devout Cougar fan,

I got the standard, thank you for your e-mail we will pass it along sort of reply..
but the at the very next game, Todd was not announcing.... the following game, still no Todd. Sorry Todd didn't mean to get you in too much trouble, you really were just annoying the heck out of me!


  1. I loved your story and your letter... :-)

  2. If you want BYU-biased announcers, listen to KSL radio. They love BYU.