Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still alive and well

Well I found one bad thing about my iPod touch, I can log on and see my blog, but I can't post things from it for some reason...arghh. But there are two computers at my sister's house so I guess I don't have much of an excuse.
We are loving the weather here, the nights are so cool but the days are great; we even made it to the beach. Most of us were wearing pants and jackets, but Miss Alex... she did not care, she loved the water! She was jumping in the waves and kicking and splashing, she loved it! She is going to fit in here just fine.
We also celebrated Alex's birthday! I can't believe she is two. Though when you first asked her, she kept saying she was 4...she really does want to do everything her big brother does/is. I will have to post pictures once I get them off my camera, which really probably won't be until we get set up in our house.
We're having fun and surviving and we haven't worn out our welcome...yet ;)

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