Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I try to enjoy my kids... I know they will be big and grown up before I know it. But one thing I will not miss is shopping with them. Sometimes they are wonderful and I think this is great. Other times we have left the store before we even made it in. Most of the time it isn't that bad though. I feel a bit like a broken record, "Alex sit down", "Lucas don't touch that". I just want to get through the store get my groceries and be done. I have started reverting to bribery on shopping trips; "If you sit down you can have a lollipop."; "Once we make it to the checkout you can have another lollipop". But then this creates problems too, sticky hands, disgusting sticks that they want to hand over when the lollipops are done and the immediate want of another.
I never had this trouble with Lucas. Even when he was little he was happy to just sit in the cart, look around and talk with me. Miss Alex, my monkey is another story unfortunately. Once while at the store and I was trying to just hurry and check out Alex was trying to climb out of the cart once again and standing up. An elderly lady, I am sure out of concern came up and said "She is going to fall". To which I bluntly replied "Yeah, I know." Not one of my finer moments.
But this too will pass. I just need to keep going, one day at a time.

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