Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clogging, Cows, Screaming and Toliets

One of my friends was recently complaining about all the noise her upstairs neighbors have been making. It made me grateful that I no longer have upstairs neighbors and then I started reminiscing.

While in college I had six different sets of upstairs neighbors and 4/6 were trouble. The first trouble came with The Cloggers. My sophomore year we had upstairs neighbors that liked to take study breaks by clog dancing on their kitchen floor. Four girls clog dancing was not exactly quiet. But, well we got our revenge with my roommates large sub-woofer. Let's just say when it was turned up enough they could feel it upstairs!

The next trouble came from The Cow. When my husband and I were first married there was a young couple that lived above us. Most of the time we didn't hear a thing but when her husband got home and at other random times she would run to greet him and it sounded like a stampede! Hence The Cow.

Once we moved out of Provo then the real problems began. I was working in Salt Lake and my husband was still going to school at BYU so we found a great apartment right in the middle in Lehi, UT. At the time, Lehi was a quiet small town with one fast food restaurant that closed at 9:00 P.M. Our apartment complex consisted of two buildings with four apartments each. It looked ideal and so nice. One night at about 2:00 A.M. the screaming began. After many weeks of their fights which would last at least a hour we took turns with our friends who lived across from The Screamers calling the police.

The Screamers got evicted and a single guy moved in above us. He traveled most of the time and hardly made any noise. We thought we had finally hit the jackpot. Slowly, some of his "friends" started showing up and after a while I am not quite sure how many people were living there. They didn't make too much noise though so we just let it go.

One night when my husband and I were about to go to sleep it started raining. But wait, it wasn't cloudy out, what was that noise?? We went in the bathroom to discover water dripping from the ceiling and then almost pouring down from our ceiling, it quickly filled up a gallon bucket. My husband ran upstairs to investigate. Opps, their toilet had overflowed and no one realized it. Overflowed to the point of it leaking through their floor and through our ceiling and no one noticed?!? Disgusting! To top it off though, this did not happen only once but twice! The second time my husband was out of town, I was just laying down to go to sleep and I heard the water. It happened again!! I couldn't believe it. I was home by myself so I didn't dare go up there as it was 11:00 P.M. so I called my landlord. He went over there found lots of people living there and told them they had to be out in the morning. They didn't like this much so one of them took a baseball bat to my front door.

Needless to say this was the last apartment we lived in. I am a very happy home owner and hope that I don't find myself living in an apartment again, as really, I just don't seem to have such good luck.

Our first home under construction--we were done testing our luck


  1. Wow those aren't just bad neighbors, they were the neighbors from...well never mind. I never had problems like those. One townhouse we lived in was in a very questionable part of town. Our neighbor beside us would vacuum at all hours and oh did I mention she was under house arrest? The people behind would blare their sub woofer all the time. I hated that place, and was glad to leave it.

  2. Hmmm vacuum at all hours and on house arrest... can we say meth lab.