Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids Books

This week's book is by another author that has lots of books we like.

Snakes Alive A Cattle Drive by Karma Wilson is just one of those fun books that makes you laugh.

Wilson makes a pun on a cattle drive when the cows take the farmer's truck for a real drive. The whole story rhymes which makes it so enjoyable to read.

Favorite Line: "His deputy said, 'Are you sure? Since when do cattle drive?' Sheriff yelled, 'Well these ones can. They're going eighty-five!'"

And I LOVE the illustrations by Karla Firehammer.

One of the many beautiful illustrations in the book

Wilson has several other great books, such as Bear Snores On, which also has beautiful pictures. So look for one of the several books by Karma Wilson and you can't go wrong.

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