Sunday, April 19, 2009

Put Me To Bed!

A hour from my life last Friday

1:30 Reading stories to the kids

1:35 I am starting to fall asleep while reading

1:40 Take Alex up to bed (up 16 stairs)

1:45 Come back down to take Lucas upstairs (32 stairs total)

1:47 Go back down, put Lucas' milk cup in fridge, crash on couch (16 stairs)

1:50 "Mommy! I pooped!" Back up stairs to take Alex to bathroom (16 stairs)

1:53 Waiting for Alex to finish, hear Lucas go into other bathroom to do his business

1:56 Both kids back in bed, stumble down the stairs, collapse on couch (16 stairs)

2:00 "Take Milk Cup!" back up and down stairs to get Alex's milk cup (32 stairs)

2:13 Just drifting off..."Mommy, mommy" Back up to find out Lucas just couldn't find a truck he wanted, quick talk about this being mommy time, play quietly and don't call me PLEASE! (16 stairs)

2:15 Back down stairs, crash on couch, very agitated and fidgety now (16 stairs)

2:20ish--I think I got to sleep

2:35 'Ring! Ring' My cell phone is's a SALES call!!!

2:40 "Mommy! Mommy!" Lucas calling, he wants to wake up now

176 stairs and not really any nap=crabby, grumpy momma

Good thing it was Friday and we went out to dinner


  1. I was just saying last night I should take a tally each day for at least a week to see how many times I do the stairs each day. I would have just stayed upstairs after the third time. Hahaha. You poor thing. Thank heaven for eating out!

  2. One reason I quite like my rambler! Maybe that's why you had the gray hairs. . .haha!

  3. Thank you for making motherhood sound so appealing! :)