Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rules of Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the wonderful women out there!
To all the Great-grandmas, grandmas,
mothers, step-moms and adopted moms

In honor of this great day, here is my next installment of the Rules of Motherhood

Things that are Impossible for a Mom of Little Ones To Do

  1. Go to the bathroom without someone banging on the door, or just coming in, or getting in a fight during the one minute you are trying to go.
  2. Make dinner without something being spilled by your helper or the kids getting into a fight
  3. Getting a room cleaned without the next room being torn apart in the process.
  4. Playing the piano/flute (or insert your instrument of choice) without the kids coming and insisting on playing to.
  5. Try on clothes at a store without one or both kids crawling or looking under the dressing room door of someone else.
  6. Eat a hot meal, or even a warm meal most days unless you happen to be eating by yourself when your kids are napping.
  7. Have your arms empty, they will always, and I mean always, be filled with, laundry, books, miscellaneous toys, food, kid(s) or all of the above at once.


  1. Hot meal? what is this hot meal you speak of?

  2. I like number 7, and it's always all of the above!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!!! I can tell you truly understand this motherhood thing.

  4. so true so true. You forgot that there will always be a toy on the floor that you will inevitably step on.

  5. hahaha, i'm just remembering our last trip home from visiting my parents in california where i had to pull brennan's leg while "powdering my nose" to keep him from crawling under to the stall next to us...oh dear...what a surprise THAT would have been to the gal next to us!!!

  6. I agree with all those rules, but they seem like they're ready to be broken! :)

    HEY! Come stop by my place today....I have something for you!