Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ten Things

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

1. Lucas got into morning kindergarten!

2. The earthquake was so small I didn't even feel it

3.Going "home" to see family and friends

4. Reading the entire Twilight Series

5.Watching the squirrels play in the back yard

6.Big Metal Beans

7.When Alex tried to give her eyes carrots, since carrots
are good for your eyes

8.Finding a bathing suit that I like and for a good price!

9. Lucas started his Little Critters class and was not nervous at all

10.Swimming, swimming and more swimming!


  1. Such a great thing each month. Maybe I should try it in June. I really like the first picture of Lucas!

  2. Number 7 had me chuckling. I can just picture her doing that. Hahaha. Too cute.

  3. I love swimming! What a fun month!

  4. Yeah I was trying to prompt Lucas to eat his carrots by telling him how they help you see better.
    Then Alex said "see better like this and put the carrot in her eye."

    She didn't quite get it :)

  5. #7 is so something my kids would do. Too cute!

  6. Oh, and I am wondering where you got your swim suit?!

  7. I got it at JCPenny, had to dig through the many racks to find one. It is a tankini (sp?) that is actually long enough. I was able to get my bathing suite and a new shirt for only $60 :)

  8. That is one impressive metal bean.