Sunday, June 21, 2009

To All The Fathers

Happy Father's Day!

I have been very blessed to have great fathers in my life

1. My very own dadHe taught me how to work,
he taught me to never give up,
he taught me calculus when I was in Pre-Algebra

He taught me how to swing dance
He taught me how to side a house
and at that time he let me talk with him as a person
and not just his child.

He taught me faith and service.

He called me on the phone every week when I was in college.
I call him on the phone every day now

Dad I love you!

2. My Father-in-law
He was kind and accepted me from the start
even though I am so short

he helped raise a wonderful son who is a hard worker,
a good person and an amazing father

he yells at the refs and is extremely passionate
about BYU football

he gets down on the floor and really plays with my kids
and seems to have more energy for them than I do

he has accepted me into his family as one of his own
he never makes me feel second-best

Glenn I love you!

3 My Eric
he is not my dad but is the father of my children

he shows his love freely with hugs, kisses, and cuddles
he plays and plays and plays even when he is so worn out from work

he reads the scriptures and stories to our kids every night

he loves me and makes sure that the kids know it
and appreciate me

he cleans the bathrooms, takes out the garbage, mops the floors
and teaches our kids how to do it too

he is patient- with the kids and with me and my sometimes
sloppy ways

he makes everyone laugh

he is good

Eric I love you more than words can say!

So to all those good men out there who really do try
Happy Father's Day!

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