Monday, July 20, 2009

A Beautiful Rose.. not the ugly desert kind

When we were in Vegas we went to church before we began our drive home. Luckily we had much better luck going to church than our last trip. It was the first Sunday of the month so that means fast and testimony meeting. For anyone who may not be familiar with this, in the LDS church on the first Sunday of the month members of the congregation are given an opportunity to come and bare their testimony or express their beliefs in the Savior.

Sometimes, unfortunately, people's testimony's tend to drift from what they should be. They become travel logs of someone's favorite vacation, or someone just blubbering about how much they love their family and nothing else.

While we were at church in Las Vegas we were subjected to one such testimony. A father got up and began talking about how grateful he was for his family. He then proceeded to say how beautiful his daughter was and that she was like a beautiful rose; not one of those ugly desert roses that dies quickly but a real rose (his words-not mine). He then went on to say that his daughter was this way because she has made good choices and has led a good life.

So far, well definitely no mention of the the Savior, but not too bad... but wait.

Then he went on to tell how his daughter texted a bunch of friends to wish them happy fourth of July. And did you know that she got six text messages back, wishing her the same, and all six of those messages were from boys, as she is such a beautiful rose.

Now whether this is an appropriate testimony or not; if this had been my dad I think I would have fire shooting out of my eyes from embarrassment and humiliation.

So to the man in Las Vegas, I am glad your daughter is beautiful. I am glad the boys like her.. but for everyone's sake (especially your daughters) don't share it during testimony meeting.
Maybe she was this type of rose


  1. That's a pretty good one... however, we had one man from our ward who came up and announced that how wonderful it was that he had an illegitmate daughter, and how special it would be to get to know her, etc. We had a less-active family attending for the first time in years that sunday, and they just rolled their eyes, and never came back. So it really IS important to keep our testimonies on the proper topics.

  2. My brother had a guy start off his 'testimony' with, "I've been having some rectal issues". My brother had to leave he was laughing so hard. This was just after the bishopric reminded everyone what a testimony really is. I wonder how his daughter felt after that one! hahahaha

  3. Yikes! That sounds more like casual conversation than a true testimony. Love your picture.

  4. we've had a few letters from the stake read to remind everyone what a testimony should consist of. Still every month one woman gets up to talk about how awful her childhood was.

  5. I really don't understand how people can just NOT GET IT. Why don't they realize what should and should not be shared in a testimony meeting? I can understand a testimony becoming a thank-timony, but obviously, we are all at church to worship Christ and we should testify of HIM!

  6. SCREAM! and THAT is why we go to church on vacations. b/c they make FABULOUS blogging stories my friend, FABULOUSLY FUNNY, make my monday better kind of stories. mostly b/c i've so been there. nothing as good as that in the tech world, but an elderly gentleman in our ward did say that he flew over the salt lake valley with jesus. at first i thought maybe he was telling us a dream. then i looked around and double checked with sean, only to find out, no, he was actually saying jesus came to his house the other week and they flew over the salt lake valley together. now THAT was a great meeting too. and in my very own ward! you can't buy stuff like that;-) haha, thanks for the story.

  7. That sounds crazy!! I haven't ever been to a meeting like that. Maybe I do every month and don't realize it... LOL!!

  8. Aaahh good ol "storimonies". What a weirdo! I pity his daughter.