Monday, August 3, 2009

Confessions of a Mommy: Toys For Mommy

Danger! Danger! I am going to get so sick of this toy!

I buy toys for my kids Lucas a lot. (I buy clothes for Alex--but more about that later) I don't buy them because I am giving into whining (I would NOT do that) or because they have been so wonderful. I buy them for me.

I buy them because I am sick and tired of driving cars, trains of whatever it might be again and again and again. I NEED something new to play with. I NEED something new!

The other day, I gave in. I let Lucas get what he wanted.

I am kicking myself everyday when he asks me to drive with him some more, back and forth, back and forth on the road. Why didn't I insist on Legos like we first talked about? I like building with Legos and he loves them too.

But I caved, and so I drive.. back and forth and back and forth.

Don't be surprised if someday one of my kids ends up with a real cash register.


  1. Wait, im confused.. what are you driving with him and he has a play cash register? haha im sorry i just don't get it :)

  2. We are driving cars and trucks on this little mat that has a set, and if you click on the words cash register it takes you to a link where I mentioned how I always wanted a cash register as a kid :)

  3. I drive cars a lot too. Build train tracks to the best of my blond capabilities. I sooo hear you. Don't worry. Soon Alex will want to play Princess with you. Eat it up while it lasts. That goes away way too fast. In the mean time "drive" safely. ;)

  4. I hear you girl! I have "routine boy of the century". I know all about driving back and forth until you're about to go crazy. Good thing they're cute eh?! New toys help everyone involved!

    You should ask Raelynn about playing dollhouse EVERY SINGLE DAY for four months . . . :)

  5. oooohhhh! i get it now :) thanks for clarifying !

  6. I know how you feel. Except, personally I just hate barbies more than anything!

  7. Lol I always find children want the toys which will frustrate or annoy you the most :P