Friday, July 3, 2009

Cows Are For Girls

Alex, my two-year-old daughter, had been playing with a toy stuffed cow. When she tired of it she put it down and began playing with something else. Lucas then came along and grabbed the cow.

"No!!!" I heard Alex wailing as she chased Lucas down the hall. Lucas quickly dashed up the stairs to the safety of his room holding the cow.

“It's okay, Lucas can have a turn with the cow” I told Alex.

“No, Lucas boy! Girls need cow, no boys!”

Wow, already at two it begins. And why boys can't have cows, yeah not quite sure of that one.

Do you have any toys that are "just for girls"?

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  1. Um... NO. Seeing as I have two boys, and they don't have any sisters (yet?), its all fair game. Dolls, fake food and cooking utensils... jewelry...

    (Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been around though...)

  2. Kaelyn insists boys don't like dinosaurs. I have no idea where she came up with that, but it cracks me up every time she says it! :)

  3. Bethany that is too funny, if anything it seems like dinos would be a boy thing :)

  4. hmmmmm :/ cars are 4 boys barbies are for girls... that's all can think of! hahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Isn't it obvious? Cows ARE for girls. I am pretty sure it says so in their user guide...


  6. Hmmmm...when my nephew Eric not your Eric, was a little squirt he had a boy doll that he loved. He called him "Boy" Too cute. Ryan has a plush "MQueen" car and a plush Backyardigan. He also at times has a stuffed dino and Sulley Monster. Soooo hmmmmm....he has been known to play with girlie stuff, but mostly it's boy stuff. I think that is funny. I think playdoh is not gender biased. Legos can also be non gender. It's late, so I am not thinking to well. I am sure there are more.

  7. There is some gender biasing among toys, but I think this isn't really a case of the toy being gender biased or Alex really believing the toy is for girls. This is a case of Alex trying to come up with a reason that Lucas could not have the toy she wanted.

    She couldn't say, no, he has to give it back because you had thrown the sharing card already. So she can not throw the ownership card so she countered with the it is a girls toy card.

    My daughter threw the household conspiracy card Saturday. She bite her brother and he came up crying with bite mark impressions. The other two said Katherine was at fault and had the same story of events. Katherine had run to her bedroom knowing she was in trouble. When I had he come down to talk about it, she said Nathan was being mean and hurting her. He apparently was sitting on her so her only defense was to bite him. She bite him on the chest so it doesn't take a CSI investigator to know her story not only contradicted the other 3 but violated the laws of physics.

    I told her that is not what Nathan said and she said he was lying. I told her her siblings said the same story as Nathan and she said they are all lying. I questioned her on that and she realized her argument was sunk and told the truth. She took his toy, he grabbed her wrist to get it back and she bite him!

    To the original question, I would say dolls are gender biased, but Nathan has one. He doens't play with it much, but it is his and spends most of the time in the girls room in the dolls beds with the girl's dolls. So maybe a little gender biased.

    Legos appear to have no bias (at least for kids 9 and under).

    Computer and board games, no gender bias in my house, but living in my house that is a requirement. Although, certain computer games are gender biased. My boys won't play the girl games and my girls do not like some of the games the boys like.

    Sport equip, my kids use freely back and forth, so no bias for my kids, yet.