Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Las Vegas Strip (Part 3)

For any of you that have just seen Vegas in the movies where they are quickly panning down the street, well you might be a bit deceived. The strip is LONG! The shuttle bus dropped us off at Ceaser's palace. We wanted to see the Bellagio, the one with the famous fountains. So we began the hike. In Vegas there are a few streets that are pretty wide and to help with traffic there are these great walkways up above the road. The trouble is when you have three strollers you have to go up the elevator, cross a section of the street and then back down another elevator and sometimes depending on where you are going you have to do this several times. Let's just say it adds a bit to the time it takes to get places.

We went into the lobby of the Bellagio hotel, where you can see wonderful things like these

After that we wondered what to do next. We decided to go see the famous lions at the MGM. The trouble is the MGM is at the other end of the strip. But we had strollers and Eric had willing shoulders for carrying Lucas, so off we went. Twenty minutes later we got there and the Lions were not there! We saw that they would be back in twenty minutes, so we hung out at waited. We were not the only ones. Soon little faces were pressed up to every side of the glass. The lions came out and we waited, we had heard that there would be a little show or demonstration. So we waited and waited, as did everyone else.. only to later find out that nope, what you see is what you get. Still not sure why everyone else was still standing there for so long.

At this point we had 30 minutes until the next shuttle would be available to pick us up. If we missed this one we would have to wait a hour for the next. We can make it, it only took us 20 minutes. So we hustled and hurried. We must have been quite the site a lot of very tall people (all 6'1" or taller), and then me, hurriedly pushing three strollers down the strip and Lucas on Eric's shoulders.

About halfway through our run trip we realized that it had taken us 20+ minutes from the Bellagio and well after the Bellagio it had been at least another ten minutes to Ceaser's Palace where the shuttle would be. Opps! As we got closer we realized we were never going to make it. So Eric handed Lucas off to grandpa and literally ran to ask the shuttle to wait for the rest of us. Oh, and did I mention it was 102 degrees out. Eric was certainly getting his fill of heat.

As we hurrying I realized my lovely sandals, which I've worn for over a year, were becoming my worst nemesis. My feet were burning I knew what was happening. Blisters. I just gritted my teeth and kept on my way. In our mad dash, we managed to find two broken elevators (which we needed to cross the street) and a "short cut" which had us literally going in circles, but we somehow made it.

Luckily our family were the only ones on the shuttle so at least we didn't hold anyone else up and we left the driver a nice tip for waiting for us. And after changing clothes, which I could literally ring out and a nice dip in the pool life was good again. And the strip, yeah we were definitely done with it. A bit overrated for our non-drinking, non gambling family.


  1. Yes, children and strollers always add time and sweat. At least you can say you checked it all out, right! I hate heat after about 90 degrees so I always have a hard time with Vegas because of that. Those hotels are pretty amazing, though!

  2. That place is beautiful! They always have the most exquisite plants and flowers.
    We also attempted to hike vs. getting a ride so I feel your pain!We got a taxi to the stratosphere and then figured we could just walk back to our hotel (The NY NY). It took us about an hour I would guess, and it was mid-August. Eek! I'm glad you made it on the shuttle finally!

  3. I've never been, but living so close to Vegas this stuff is good to know for when we do it as a family!

  4. You painted quite a picture. I know that fun was had in there. hahaha. It's all how you look at it right?

  5. I love the Bellagio. If we don't see a water show, I am unsatisfied with our trip. We haven't taken the kiddos out yet. We always park AT the Bellagio, don't go too far, and miss a lot, because, yes! The Strip is REEEEALY LONG! And yes, overrated.

    That's so scary about Lucas' head! I would have been freaked out. Poor guy.