Sunday, July 12, 2009

Potty joke

The other day, I let my kids finish watching Aladdin before nap time. When it was finally done it was definitely time to get them both in bed. They both usually get two stories before nap, so I told them to each pick one and we would read together. Alex picked out an ABC book. After I read it to her Lucas decided he wanted that book to. As the book came to an end here is what happened:

Lucas:"X-Xylophone", "Y-Yarn" "Z-Pee" followed by lots of giggling "No, z poo!"
Now both children were laughing hysterically!
"Poo!" Alex chimed in.
'Great' I thought, the potty humor has begun with her already!

The both finally stopped laughing and were off to bed. Alex wanted the ABC book in bed. As I wrapped her up and closed her door I heard her reading "Z-poo" and giggling and giggling.

Thanks Lucas. This one is on you.

Do your kids find potty jokes funny? And what do you do about it?


  1. Potty jokes are alive and well around here. Lately my 7 year old has been saying she farts from her mouth and burps from her bum. Even I think that's gross!!

  2. Yes, my kids think potty jokes are funny. Of course, I'm normally the one who's making the joke :)

  3. haha, not yet, but when i taught school my 2nd and 3rd graders thought they were hilarious. let's not forget the "captain underpants" books that always helped the conversations...sigh...different as a teacher though, "david, we don't talk about that in school." doesn't quite work at home;-) well, i guess it could, but some of them are pretty funny.

  4. Oh yes it's abundant in our house. I just thought of a post I can share...haha I better do it now lest I forget. When school starts it will Lucas learning the potty stuff and when Alex starts it will be her TEACHING what she has learned from her big brother. haha.