Thursday, August 13, 2009

The First Day

So I survived Lucas first day of school, oh and he really liked it to! Tuesday we went to the kindergarten orientation. My stomach felt like it was tied in a million knots. Could this really be happening? I mean, I remember kindergarten! Not all of it clearly, but bits and pieces!

They introduced us to the teachers, talked about the curriculum and put in the disclaimer that if you child is currently 4 then they might not really be ready for school yet and you can wait another year; and you would probably know within two weeks if your kid fits into this category. In California the cut off date is December 2nd, Lucas birthday is October 8th... so he more than makes it. But somehow I could not help but feel like they were talking just to me.

Academically Lucas is beyond ready; he is completely excited, but well his ability to sit still sometimes lacks a lot little.

So I just tried to push my paranoia aside and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Wednesday was the big day. At 7:00 Lucas was still asleep, I went and woke him up, video camera in tow. Even in his sleepy state he was still excited for school.I made his special breakfast of French Toast. I was supposed to buy more syrup this week but totally forgot, but luckily we had just enough so I didn't completely drop the ball on that one. (Plus he likes his french toast with just butter anyway)

Then we were off to school.
Lucas said some of the following things:
"Alex, you don't get to go to school, just I do. You are going to miss me, but I will be home at lunch."
"Mom, I already know; I have to raise my hand."

We had to park far away from the school as everyone was taking their kid into school, but we made it with time to play on the playground. The bell rang and all the kids started lining up... except for Lucas as he was waiting for me.
What was I doing? Trying to drag Alex off the playground equipment. But I managed to get her off, without any screaming and Lucas lined up with his class. "Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Miss! See you later." And he was off.
Through this whole ordeal I did great.. didn't have to fight back tears once. On the way back to the car... well that was another story, the butterflies: back with a vengeance; the face: getting a little red from holding back the tears.

But I made it. We picked him up at 11:55 and he was happy and smiling and said he had fun. He forgot his lunch box and folder, but he had fun!


  1. Just look at the smile on his face. Thats great!

  2. Fun memories. Lucas wasn't the only one who forgot his folder. Adam brought the lunch bag home but left the binder with MY homework in his desk.

  3. Emily STILL forgets her lunch tote! Sounds like he had a great first day, and you did good too!

  4. That's so awesome Em. I love his comments too. So cute. He seems ready to me. I hope he always loves it!

  5. What an exciting day! I'm glad it went well for the both of you. It's such a big step starting Kindergarten!

  6. can't believe school is already starting!

  7. I wish we had half day kindergarten here in Texas. Our kids go from 7:30 until 2:45. I think it is much too long.