Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Common Thread

I really don't have tons and tons of Halloween decorations. Yesterday as I was walking around my house looking at them all, I realized they all have one common theme. My mom.

What? Did you just read that right?

No, my mother's name is not Halloween nor is she a witch. My mother is extremely talented. She bakes and decorate cakes, she sews, she paints and she crafts. And well I am happy to say I am the one daughter that inherited this crafting gene from her. My older sister is an amazing painter and drawer but she doesn't like to craft like my mom and I do.

We have had a lot of fun making crafts together, a few disasters along the way (remind me to tell you about the Christmas Balls sometime) but we just enjoy creating. And I have learned a lot from her. Thanks mom.
The flower pumpkins--my mom and I made them together

These hanging pumpkins--my mom and I made them together

All of these things, my mom either bought or made for me

And a few I even made on my own

I forgot to put my t-light candles on top of the pumpkin glasses, so Lucas improvised for me.

Oh, yeah and that pumpkin carriage behind my glasses, my mom bought for me!

So thanks mom. You really are the reason my house isn't plain and boring this Halloween season.

Writing prompt part of Mama Kat's Writing Workshop


  1. So cute! I bet your kids love it all! What a fun mom - both of you.

  2. My mom and I sew together, we have have done it so much that one sits and sews and the other hands her the next step pressed and pinned. I love that we have done this together and I know that you and your mom have many memories. I think the memory is better then and product that is made.

  3. Cute Decor! Your home defintely looks decked out for the fall! Hope you have a wonderful halloween!

  4. I look like my mom. Does that count as something in common?

  5. Thank goodness for moms! Your decorations are really cute!

  6. Sooo cute. I have a few things here and there...I don't think I made any of them though. I need more. Hmmm....maybe a Christmas crafting party next month. haha

  7. Ooh, those pumpkin glasses are really creative! I've never seen them. I think it's cute you and your mom have this to share and bond over :)

  8. You have way cute stuff Em. I don't have anything like that. Maybe because my mom doesn't craft. ;) But sewing . . .

  9. I wish I had the crafty gene. I like the homemade crafts like yours better than store bought ones like mine. What talent!

  10. I only wish I had half the craftiness my Mom has! It is so great that you could do so many of these things together and they are all fabulous!

  11. love all of your decor! gets my creative juices a'flowin';-)

  12. All of them are adorable! Your mom has excellent taste and great craft skills ... as do you. What a great thing to share!