Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Week

Are you ready to see what we did for our actually spend lots of time with my kids Thursday Or our first Time For Tots Thursday (what I am calling it for now)? Well, it was a bit of a bust thanks to the fact that I was spiking a 102.8 temperature and having cold sweats all day. Yep, last week I was sick.

But we did manage to get just about everything done that I had planned, it just happened over five days instead of one.

Last Weeks Time for Tots Thursday was all about trees. With October now on us and finally some cool weather I thought this would be the perfect inspiration. So here we go.

We went on a walk to look for leaves
We came home and learned about the word deciduous,
and then made some deciduous trees of our own

we practiced writing the word tree and drew pictures of them tooand to help celebrate the fall (and Halloween) I let the kids help me set up our decorations
So it didn't go quite as planned, but in the end it turned out great. Now this week we will see if we can actually get everything we have planned done in one day.

****************************How We Did It**************************

****Plates: Materials-plate, paint, toilet paper roll, scissors
I found the idea for these plates on a site (which I forgot to write down). But word to the wise, use PAPER plates and not Styrofoam (our paint soon peeled right off). Simply paint leaves on the plate. Cut a couple of little slits at the top of the toilet paper roll to put the plate in when dry.

I am a firm believer in letting my kids do the crafts, I will not jump in and do it for them just to ensure they are cute or doing it right (like the fact that Alex painted her trunk instead of the leaves)

****Writing: Free printables and lots of ideas can be found at First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts

Feel Free to use any of these ideas with your kids. It is all about taking that little bit of extra time to really enjoy this stage in life.


  1. so cute! we are almost to the project phase, but not quite. love your new background!

  2. My two year old is obsessed with play doh and coloring. Maybe I could try some crafts with her. Cute ideas.

  3. Cute stuff. I only have one question. :) How did you get your kids to start writing their letters so young? Did Alex write the word tree on her paper? Kaelyn is slowly learning, but there is no way she will stay between two lines no matter how many times I explain it. Any pointers? Ok that was more than one question. :)

  4. Bethany, I wrote those letters, they are the little dashed lines that she was supposed to trace. Though she can write her name, but it definitely would not be between the lines like that :)

  5. How much fun was that? I love collecting leaves, we don't have big pretty fall leaves yet. It's still to hot! I totally have to look that word up. LOl I could barely say it. What a great fun way to keep your kids learnign new things. Great job!!

  6. Great ideas! And I have to admit that Alex may be right with painting the trunk...isn't that what happens in fall? The leaves don't stay on the trees! Kudos for letting them stretch their own creative minds!
    Feel Better!!!

  7. Way fun things to do with your kids. thanks for the Ideas.

  8. I need to be more like you. I have the hardest time not helping them do their crafts. You're inspiring me to do better! What a fun activity.

    Sorry you were sick, I didn't even know!

  9. Way to be there. These are the times that your kids will never forget.

  10. How cute! And you are sooo right about letting them do it themselves. It is that sense of empowerment! Way to go.

  11. What fun for your kids! (I love your Halloween look here!!) Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well but what a great mom to keep up with what you planned.

  12. Love the foto with the leaf - that one needs to be framed.