Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time for Tots: Duck Day

Last week our Time For Tots day also fell on Lucas' birthday. So I wanted to do something he would enjoy. A favorite spot we like is the Duck Pond close to our home. So I decided to make the day a duck day.

We started the day by making some ducks of our own.
The pattern for these ducks can be found here. I loved these patterns as not only were they cute but we talked about shapes while coloring and cutting these out; star-feet, heart-wings, etc. We then read Bluebird's Nest by Dorothea DePrisco with illustrations by Jo Parry. Obviously this book is not about ducks, but it is the cutest story about a bird building it's nest and other animals helping out. And the nest actually grows throughout the book.
Then we went to the duck pond.

We fed the ducks

we ran up and down the hills

we just sat and talked about ducks.
We talked about how the water rolls off of their feathers. We talked about why the female ducks are brown and the males are colorful. We just sat and enjoyed the day and each other.

That evening when Eric got home and Lucas told him why the ducks are the color they are and lots of facts about ducks; I knew the day was a success.

You can find more lesson ideas about ducks and lots of other subjects


  1. My kids love to feed the ducks, Now I wonder if there is a duck pond around here?

    Looks like fun.

  2. Great pics and I love your daughters outfit. They did a pretty great job on making those ducks.

    I use to live by a duck pond and went to it only ONCE. THere were Geeses there too and the poop that was everywhere, was just that everywhere. All over your shoes and my friend she slipped and it was all over her clothes. A geese poop mess.

  3. What a fun day and they didn't know they were learning anything!!

    This Thursday thing is turning to be a good thing for your family!!

  4. Ducks are wonderful! That's why I have a dozen of them. You should try duck eggs. Yum.

    I like the little cut out activity. I'll have to try it.

  5. Could they be any cuter? I am SUPER impressed with how you are tying together lessons, and field trips and conversations . . . SO over my head :) Good for you. Your kids are lucky

  6. What a fun day! You are so creative. I know my kids LOVE ducks so I'm sure they loved it too.

  7. This is so great ... I love how simple things like this can be but are great opportunities to learn so much. And the photos are just cute cute cute!

  8. How fun! What a fabulous day. I'm sure your kids loved every second of it.

  9. You pictures are so wonderful! Just like your duck day!

  10. You did good. And the kids had lots of fun. I am going to that site now and finding the ducks and whatever else tickles my fancy.

  11. Sounds like a fun day. I need to get my own time for tots day started.