Monday, October 5, 2009

The Walk

The weather is cooling off

A slight breeze was blowing

So we went for a walk.
I brought along my camera.

"Put your feet by mine" I instructed,
Alex put in her shoe

Only a few leaves have changed and fallen,
but Lucas found this one

Shadows can never be caught

She wanted the flowers in her hair,
then she told me she had "flower hair"

Hope you are enjoying fall.

And the winner for the pumpkin glass
as picked by is
Mamma Christine
as Something Done Write

Congrats!! Please email me your address
emmymom (at) emmymom2 (dot) com


  1. I love those pictures. Especially the shadow one!! It's still to hot where I am for it to be fall. Grrr, it's cooling off though.

  2. Dang girl, I think those are some of the most photographically captivating pictures I've seen on your blog! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful photos. My camera broke last week and I'm trying to decide what kind to buy now. I can't afford the one with all the interchangeable lenses, so I'm going to have to settle for a good point and shoot.

  4. Congrats to the winner!
    These are the best pictures! So much fall but the first one with the feet is adorable. Thanks for taking us on the walk ;)

  5. What a fun walk! I love the flower hair.

  6. Oh my goodness Emmy! I know it hasn't been that long since we last got together--the beach I think--but Alex looks different to me...older. Love all the pics.

  7. Hooray!! Thank you. And OH MY GOSH I love that first picture. Love it, love it, love it!

  8. the pictures are so cute! I love the one with the sand!


  9. I loved this post. "Shadows can never be caught." Love it.

  10. I love feet. They are my favorite. I know I'm strange.

  11. You are an amazing photographer. Teach me please! I love the photo of the leaf with your son's head. That is huge! And the blue sky behind adds such depth. I love it.

  12. What fabulous pictures, if you have time, can you tell me what type of camera you have? I'm hoping to use this as a bargaining tool with my husband for a new one :)

  13. the leaf pic is my favorite. fall is the best time of year for pictures.

  14. I emailed Anti-Supermom and told her, but in case any one else is wondering, I have a canon Rebel G Xti

  15. What gorgeous pics! I always forget to take my camera along for our little day to day outings.

  16. I remember this post well. I still love that first picture and that cropping on the leaf picture is perfect! Handy you had it all ready huh? :)