Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Don't Like it!

"I don't want to eat that, I don't like it."
"When is that last time you tried it?"
"I don't know."
"Then how do you know you don't like it?"

Have you had this conversation before? Probably at least once your twice with your children. It is always a battle to get them to eat new food and try new things. I know I have had this conversation with my kids. And the above conversation.... I may or may not have been on the receiving end of this conversation from Eric several a few times in the past.

Growing up--I didn't like pie. I liked pie dough though
Growing up- I didn't like steak or really just any big piece of meat
Growing up- I wouldn't have touched sushi or spinach

Luckily my palate has expanded. I had spinach on my ham and cheese sandwich yesterday. Eric and I go out for sushi every Valentines Day (it is one of my favorite foods now). I had steak on Sunday. Well I should clarify, I tried to have steak. When we make steak we usually make three. The kids share almost an entire one, I eat one and Eric eats one and whatever anyone doesn't finish. On Sunday, both of my kids ate almost an entire steak each! Which left me with hardly any. And pie... well I like Apple Pie. I know, I am still a bit weird on that one. Pie just doesn't do it for me.... now a big piece of cake! Mmmm that is the good stuff.
Picture taken by Lucas

Are there are any foods you don't like?

P.S. I made call-backs!


  1. 1. Awesome picture by Lucas! 2. Congrats on the call-back--that's great!

  2. Congrats on call-backs.
    hmmm.....I don't like many types of fish. I love fish sticks though!!

  3. One perk I guess of my daughter's autism is that she's almost 4 and still hasn't learned that you can say "I don't like it." She'll try anything and if she doesn't like it she makes a face and asks us "do you like it?" We can usually get her to take another two or three bites of whatever it is, and then if she still doesn't like it we don't press the issue. She's a pretty good eater though as a baby she was very picky. My son, on the other hand, will eat pretty much anything and a lot of it. I myself am sort of picky. I'm not a huge fan of brothy soups but I like creamy type soups or stews. I don't like steak or other big pieces of meat like that unless I'm at Tucanos. No onions unless they're cooked. I'm not a big fruit fan. Why aren't my kids more picky eaters?

  4. I remember turning my nose up at certain things when I was a kid, but mostly I ate anything. Especially the sweet stuff. I love pie. I love cake. Not too much out there I don't like. Liver. Bleah. I don't like the texture or the flavor. So yes, I have tried it.

    Congrats on the callback!!! Woohoo!

    If you haven't already, come and check my blog. I have something for you.

  5. I don't like pickles! I don't particularly like celery either. Pie on the other hand, if homemade, is MY FAVORITE! Cake too! mmmmmmmm.

    Hooray on callbacks! Good luck!

  6. We would make a good pair. I hate cake, but love pie. The only food I truly despise is brussel sprouts. I love cabbage, but not their baby cousins. Congrats on the call backs!

  7. I didn't like pie growing up, but I do now. I still don't like squash or zuchinni. And I'm not a fan of sushi.

  8. You are too cute, Emily. I love your posts. And I definitely have had that conversation at my house with my little monkey. Thanks for always making me laugh.

  9. Congrats on callbacks!

    I'm not a fan of any type of seafood or tomatoes but that's pretty much it. One of my girls is normally very open minded with eating whatever is on her plate, and the other one won't even give some food a chance. Luckily, most grow out of it.

  10. Unfortunately for my thighs there's not much I don't like, but I do prefer pie over cake :) Congrats on callbacks. Please keep passing on the updates!

  11. Yea for you and call backs! I haven't quite worked up the courage to eat sushi. or blue cheese. Maybe someday.

  12. Now we're speaking my language- I adore food. (So much for toned abs...) Harhar.
    Well to start off, according to my family, I'm very picky.
    I hate most meat.
    Chicken is yuck.
    I LOVE seafood though, thank goodness it's healthy!
    Dried fruit is awesome.
    If you have never tried dried blueberries or cherries, go to a organic market... Now. :-)
    I'm pretty good about trying new things.
    As said by the food critic in Ratatouille, "If I don't like it, I don't swallow..."

    Have a good one!
    Emily Anne

  13. I used to hate cooked peas and carrots, now I love them. I've never liked the really sweet candy (although I have been known to eat it) and I have major issues with mayo. How could you NOT like pie??? My SIL doesn't either, I always thought she was a communist....;)

  14. Oh, and congrats on the call backs! Good luck!

  15. Woo hoo about call backs.

    And growing up, my parents swore I was the pickiest eater on the planet and even I have expanded my list of foods I'll eat. (But not cheesecake. There is just something wrong the word that makes me refuse it. Cheese. Cake. Not good.)

    So I don't worry about my son ... if I survived, he will too.

  16. Yay for call backs! I am so excited for you! Basically my son has the same palate as my husband which means he will eat anything. A rare two year old, I know, but I thank my lucky stars for it.
    I wont eat cherries or apricots because when I was little I ate too many and got sick. Now the taste is horrible to me. Too bad candy still tastes good, because I have gotten sick off of Halloween before.