Monday, November 2, 2009

Ready or Not!

It's November! What in the world.. time to change my template. I will be working on that today.

I am going to start my own photography business! I don't have a name yet. Do you know how hard it is to think of good names?!? I thought of one I love. I googled it and no one else seems to have it, but there is one that is really similar. And the one that is very similar they just happen to live in a city very close to mine (even have the same area code) argh!! Not fair!

I am excited for this week's Time for Tot's day (well what we did last week but I will post on Wednesday)

So while I am busy fixing my layout, enjoy a few pictures from our trip to the zoo this last month.

Who are the cages for? To keep the animals in or the kids out?

Baby monkeys
so cute!

And the big ones are cute too

And who doesn't enjoy climbing trees like the monkeys?

And this photographer momma couldn't have been more happy when he said, take a picture of me like this.

And the highlight of the day for both kids...
not the elephants or the giraffes, but the sky tram.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I would definitely hire you! I absolutely love your pictures!

  2. The new template is looking pretty great. I am itching to update mine, too. Your photography is awesome. I wish you MUCH luck on that endeavor. You certainly have talent on your side already. Happy November, Emmy!

  3. I'm with Stormie. You take awesome pictures! Someday I'll be a real photographer too! :)

  4. I will send my ward your way! Haha. Been trying to think of name for ya. I am blank. My heart's in the right place.

  5. Yay!! Best wishes on your new endeavor into the pro arena. Sounds like fun. If you decide you want a professional website in addition to your blog, check out blu domain. Most of the photographers I love use them.

  6. I love your background! Good luck with the photo biz.

  7. Good luck with the new business! That is exciting.

  8. I thought you'd changed your blog look! Cool.

    And congrats on starting your own business. Good luck with it! I'm sure it will be fun and rewarding...but hard work too.