Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time For Tots: Three Little Pigs

Amy asked me where I get my ideas for my Time for Tots days. Usually I just try and think of some theme and then google it. There are so many great sites out there.

This week, my idea actually came from a book. I have been getting a lot of easy reader type books for Lucas from the library. This was one we got a few weeks ago. The Three Little Pigs illustrated by Katie Saunders.

Now I must admit, at first I wasn't that impressed with this story. The wolf doesn't even say "I'll huff and puff...". The illustrations were cute though, but it was what I found at the end of the book that made me love it and inspire this week's Time For Tot's Day.

At the end of the book it has a bunch of activity ideas.. which helped inspire this day.

We began by reading the story together.

Then it was time to arrange the story in the right order. This page was found at the back of the book. I made it black and white and cut out the pictures for each kid.

We practiced reading and following instructions with these coloring pages I made.

Alex listened for the first two steps, then just did her own thing.

Then we made the three pig's houses. This was definitely the favorite part of the day. I got inspiration for these houses at Miss Mary's Preschool Ideas.

Supplies for houses:
-Big Piece Construction Paper
-3 rectangle house shapes cut out of paper
-3 triangle roofs
-Glue stick
-Popsicle sticks
-Bag of Paper Shred
-Paint (Red and Brown)
-Sponge brushes

The kids first glued the houses and roofs to the paper. Then we made the houses in order. The glue sticks actually worked really well to keep the paper shreds and Popsicle sticks down.
Then we painted on the bricks.

The finished products. Lucas added chimneys to his.

  • Worksheet image I made can be downloaded here. (you will have to add your own instructions I forgot to save the final product!)
  • House inspiration found at Miss Mary's Preschool Ideas here.


  1. What fun ideas! I wonder if my son is still to small for this, but honestly, I should give him the benefit of the doubt and let him try, anyway. Thanks for posting another great idea!

  2. Those are great! You do such fun things with your kids! Will you come and do that stuff with my kids? I'm too tired!

  3. Good grief Em, you're so cute! Those houses are adorable!

  4. Emily, you are so amazing. Seriously, I'm in total awe and respect of the time you take to do such fun and educational things with your kids. You are inspirational. Truly. One day I hope I can be like you with my kids!

  5. I seriously wish I knew about some of these ideas when my kids were little...they would have loved to make the houses! It is so fun to see how each one envisions something through their own creativity!

  6. I have not seen anything like this before...what a great idea! Looks like they had a great time!

  7. Great way to make the story come alive! And I love the looks of concentration on their faces!

  8. I envy you and your abilties, determination and creativity, but before I could get around to copying you I came up with an ironclad excuse (i'm sure you will agree with the logic):

    Sure its easy when you have more than one kid to participate, it seems like a lot of work to get out just for my one kid.

    I know. Right? Okay so it is LAME. And I woud take a guess that it is harder to orchestrate more than one child. I guess I will start baby stepping