Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Letter

It's time for Fun and Game with Jenners! (Check out her blog she is hilarious!)

She asked us to write an over-the-top (i.e. exaggerated truth/or straight out lies) family Christmas Letter... and well considering I haven't even written a real one yet, why not!

Dear Family and Friends-

This has been a wonderful and very busy year. For those of you who may not be keeping up with us, though I don't know how you couldn't be as we are the most fun/entertaining/and silly family around, we moved to California. We moved to a ridiculously huge house that has so much room for all of my wonderful crafts I am always making. Besides room for crafts there is room to take pictures. Did I tell you I am a photographer now? Yes, world renowned photographer. I have people constantly begging me to take their pictures. I have been very selective though and just done a few jobs for my favorite people as I need to spend some time with my kids... have to maintain my Best Mom of the Year Award you know.

Lucas continues to amaze us with all he is learning and the things he builds. He already has two patents pending for his amazing creations. Eric plans on retiring soon as we are going to live off of all the money that his inventions bring in.

And Alex not only did she totally potty train herself this last year, but she is a model. I mean with her red hair and perfect face it is no surprise that she has offers for jobs coming all of the time.

All of my children's wonderful talents obviously take up a lot of my time so I have done the one thing that make the most sense; I have hired a house keeper. I have to maintain my spotless home at all times, part of my Mom the Year thing you know.

And Eric, well he is excelling at his job with several promotions and raises throughout the year; they really will miss him when he retires. He has been running in the morning and consistently has a 4 minute mile! If he wasn't so busy being the best father and husband he would definitely consider trying out for the next Olympics.

So life is good and wonderful and hopefully you are all having a wonderful Christmas too!

Sincerely (or not so sincerely),
Eric, Emily, Lucas and Alex


  1. Dang it. I wish I would have read yours before I wrote mine. I honestly didn't copy the best mother bit.

    Of course, you know it is going to get ugly when it is down to just the two of us fighting for that award!

  2. I wonder what would happen if you actually sent this out?

    I might try this.

  3. Love it! Isn't it liberating to write these? I love your vigorous defense of your Mom of the Year Title -- was it an international competition? Of course it was!! And I agree with Carolyn's comment -- wouldn't it be interesting to see what happened if you sent this out!

  4. What a hysterical letter. As I read it, I could hear the voice of a peppy little cheerleader almost singing rather than talking. and laughing nervously between sentences. Love it.
    How fun. Looking forward to reading more of yours.

    I want to write one of my own so badly but choke each time I try. Such a terrific idea. You rock.

  5. When I read the prompt I wasn't sure what was coming next, and you did an amazing job! It was really fun to read!

  6. LOL I love this! It's sad to say though that I know a woman who actually talks about her family like this. It's very annoying.

  7. I say print it up and mail it out. It's awesome. Maybe have a link in small print at the bottom for the "real" annual report. :)

  8. Glad your year has been great. Enjoy your last few weeks of Mother of the Year title, because I will be taking over come January 1st... and your housekeeper, send her on over along with the tiara, because I am Mother of the Year 2010.

    Loved it! What a grand idea, and now I want to re-write my whole family newsletter with fabrications throughout... possibly the whole thing. That would be fun!

  9. You guys are that neat to me! ;)


  10. Well if I would have read your blog before CJ's your comments to each other would have made more sense. They still mad me laugh though.

    Love the letter! You only stretched the truth a wee bit. ;)

  11. Hilarious! I have been toying with this exact idea for a post for a while now.

    The world would be such a funnier place if we actually sent out letters like this.

    Loved yours!

  12. Awesome job! I think you are definitely in the running for Mother of the Year. I love the sweetness in this post. Thank you for your kind words on my entry. Happy Friday!

  13. Too funny! We've received a few of those letters that sound quite a bit like that. LOL! My sister's kids excel in everything and when we receive her yearly newsletter, I always tell my husband that I feel like the most incompetent mom ever!

  14. oh please send it, no one would notice -- between bragging about their own kids, I mean. too funny. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  15. How funny!! I'm sure you enjoyed writing this...

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

  16. Okay so I was thinking of how I wanted to do my Christmas letter this year, and hadn't found the RIGHT style until now!! I'm totally going to do my real Christmas Letter like this. It was fun, and entertaining.

    My only question is how do you tell those who won't clue into the exaggerations / or plain out lies??

  17. Some of that stuff doesn't seem all that over the top. I'm sure you're a very talented photographer and you all look like you could be models. Mom of the Year is overrated, though. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. I love your letter - it's almost believable! :)

  19. I'll second your nom for Mother of the year. I think we all should get them, says the chick that just fed her toddler a happy meal. Ah ha ha

  20. Love it. A little of your world travels would top it off. We really do get too many travel log Christmas letters.

  21. Oh Emily! What a crack up! It felt so good to laugh....except, since I am the grandmother, and I admit I can really see things clearly... I have to say that I think most of this stuff is true...anyway, you guys are number one in my book!!!

  22. Nicely done! I think if I ever did Christmas letters I would have to lie because the true letter would go something like this:
    Dear Loved Ones,

    Nothing has changed. We're alive.

    Love, Us

    Yeah, kinda boring, huh. hahaha