Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time For Tots: Seasons & Snowman Craft

After a little hiatus called Thanksgiving, we finally did a Time for Tots Day again. This time our theme was seasons... with a winter emphasis, as who doesn't love winter (especially when it is in the 60's :p).

We started off with some identifying season's worksheets. The kids cut out the name of each season and then put the corresponding pictures under each name.

We did a few more season's worksheet.
And then I started to lose them... they were losing interest fast. So only one solution...Look at that zoned out look...he needs chocolate fast!
Nothing like fudge to make everything better.
The fudge worked!

And the the grand finale our snowmen craft. I am proud to say we made these snowmen with supplies we already had.
--Styrofoam balls--leftover from our Turkey craft
--Googly eyes--also leftover from Turkey craft
--Hats-I made out of card stock
--Toothpicks--we always have toothpicks at our house
--Fuzzy balls-from a big bag I bought a while back just for fun
--Felt pipe cleaners (not pictured)

--the other stuff (other than glue, scissors-- we didn't use as well we got lazy)

I used a knife and cut a tiny bit off the bottom ball--to make it flat so they would stand. We then used toothpicks to stick the balls together.
You just have to make sure they are straight or you will get this...I made the hats before our Time For Tots day began as I knew they might take awhile. For each hat, I cut out two circles, one a bit bigger than the next. I also cut out a long rectangle piece of card stock. I rolled that card stock into a tube, glued it together and then glued it onto the bottom circle. At first I was trying to be really neat with the glue, but then it wasn't working so I went with it and glopped it on to give it the look of snow. I then glued on the top.
Not the most beautiful but I made them quickly, and the kids liked them.

We then glued on the eyes, fuzzy balls for nose and buttons, and we used felt pipe cleaners for the arms. My glue gun is still missing so we just used Elmer's glue; it was tricky but did work.
And what is Alex doing? Well she's picking her teeth with a toothpick of course....anyone that knows my husband will appreciate this (he is the reason we have such a big box of toothpicks)

And finally the finished product.Yes it is missing a mouth... we were going to paint one on
(hence the black paint in other picture)
but we just called it good.

Oh-and we got the hats on by sticking a toothpick through the bottom circle of the hat then just pushing it on. It worked great.

--Seasons Worksheet Names and Images found here at Instructor Web
--Label the Seasons Worksheet found here on Enchanted Learning
--Snowman Maze found here on First School Preschool Crafts and Activities
--Winter Pattern page found here on


  1. that is just cute all the way around...

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  5. Fudge. The way to any child's heart. They look like they had so much fun and it was a great success! We are going to be making snow men out of cotton balls. They may not turn out, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun making them!

  6. A little fudge always perks me up.

    Great ideas. I wish I had all that 'on hand' you are amazing.

  7. Very nice! You are so good to take time to do those things. Like everyone says, It goes by really fast.

  8. this is such a great crafty. I have a little boy over hear that LOVES crafts only its sad b/c his Mommy is not crafty at.all. Maybe I could send him your way?

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