Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time For Tots: Sugar Cookies & Gratitude Game

So this last week we might have taken a bit of an easy route for our Time For Tots day... but I am supposed to be cleaning the house in preparation for my family coming, so I have an excuse (though that doesn't explain why the house is not yet clean....hmmmm)

Anyway. This week Eric wanted to do something fun and Christmas-y with his 11-year-old Scouts, so I suggested decorating sugar cookies... and well volunteered to make the sugar cookies in the process.

Since I had to make cookies anyway, why not involve my kids and have some fun.

Alex helped me cut out all of the cookies. Lucas didn't help at this stage as he fell asleep watching the Muppet Christmas Carol.. yes I guess it is that exciting.

We then decorated the cookies the easy way, with these cute frosting in a bag with a tip. No cleaning out my decorating bags, getting out all of my tips, mixing up all the frosting. Like I said we took the easy route this week.

We then played the Thank you/Gratitude game. I actually read about this idea in a magazine.. I think it was that Family Fun magazine made by Disney. The lady that wrote the article told how embarrassed she was when her kids quickly tore open all of their gifts without as much of a thank you. So she taught them the following game.

You give each child a bag and ask them to go find a "present" (i.e. anything around the house) for everyone else. Then when they come back with the presents there are a few rules. The person receiving the present must first say thank you. And then that person also has to say something they like about the present.We actually did this in Family Home Evening for the first time on Monday. I loved how a strip of paper from a package that I gave Eric ended up becoming the favorite present as everyone wanted to wear it as a bracelet.

The point of this game is to help them learn to say thank you and then to find something good about the presents, even the really weird or ugly ones. We played it as part of our Time For Tots Day as the kids asked to play it, they love it. The love running around and searching for items to "give" to the other person and I was amazed at how they were able to think of positive things to say much more quickly the more we played.

So sugar cookies and learning how to really be appreciative on Christmas made for a wonderful day.
The cookies Eric decorated at Scouts


  1. What a great idea! I love the gratitude game! Such an excellent way to teach kids to be polite and grateful. Once again, you are amazing!

  2. Cute cookies and great FHE!
    We are making sugar cookies today! YUM!

  3. yahoo, GO COUGS!!! love the Y bootie.

  4. What a great idea! I love the present game. We are SO going to do that for FHE. Madeline won't get it, but it might be good for EThan.

    Frosting in a bag . . . love it! So much easier! And they sure turned out cute!

  5. I too read about that game and plan on doing it for FHE. The cookies turned out cute.

  6. I love the game idea and the cookies really turned out cute!

  7. I've read about the gratitude game as well and meant to do it before my daughter's bday, but doing it for FHE before christmas is a great idea.

  8. So sweet and a wonderful memory you are creating.

  9. We are going to do this next week and I take it one step easier. I use the store bought dough. ;)

  10. Easy is the best route at Christmas time. As for your house, I understand about wanting it clean. But hey, they are family and they are there to see you, not the house.

    The cookies came out so cute!!

    My kids have their own variation of the gratitude game that they simply made up. They find something wrap it in a blanket and give it to someone. But I want to try this game, maybe Monday before Christmas. A dry run if you will. ;)

  11. looks like so much fun! i'm going to have to go bake some more cookies!

  12. This is a really great post, Emmy! I love the thought of teaching your kids how to be thankful. This time of year, it is so easy to focus too much on what's inside the gift wrap.

    Definitely will be trying this with my kids. Thanks!