Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Bed

I am trying to prep myself for the fact that in a little less than 7 months I will be getting no sleep. I have just come to accept the fact that my kids will not sleep through the night until way past any sane and acceptable amount of time. With Lucas, I read every book, read comments on the baby center, even asked my pediatrician for advice. I told him what we did, when Lucas slept, etc. And I was honest about it to, no little white lies to make me seem like a better mom. You know what he told me, "I have no idea what to tell you"

Why would Lucas wake up? He was hungry. I knew Eric also woke up in the night for a long time hungry when he was little. When I would ask my mother-in-law about it, she never would tell me an exact age when it stopped. I figured she just forgot.. nope, turns out she didn't want to scare me that this went on until Eric was over two-years-old.

Alex, well at four months old, her pediatrician said I had better start feeding her baby food as he was afraid she was going to outrun me... she was huge.Alex has been sleeping through the night for quite a while now, but lately she started waking up again a lot. She would often fall out of bed, we would find her sleeping with her head hanging off her bed... she just didn't sleep peacefully.

Eric kept saying, she is getting too big for her bed, she needs a new bed; she just barely turned 3 and was in a toddler bed. But well, it turns out he was right.
We got Alex a Twin size bed... the first night she slept in it, she woke up only once and slept until 7:40! For a girl that is up at 6:30 every morning, this was heaven! And since that first night, she has not woke up once and has slept in until at least 7:00. Sometimes daddies do know best.

P.S I had a picture of her with her new bed.. but it is just not showing up and picasa web albums is not loading... so you can check my photo blog day 2 for the picture I was going to post.


  1. My second was in a twin when she was 16 months not because she was ready but we moved and didn't have her crib with us for 9 months. She slept better in the twin. Go figure.

  2. What a cute little chunk! I am so glad you figured out why she was waking up so much. Sweet relief for you!

  3. I haven't slept through the night in sixteen years. No wonder I'm so crabby today.

  4. if there's one thing i've learned as a mom it's that my advice probably won't work for anyone but my kid, lol. sad, but true! so i could tell you that babywise was our bible for brennan and that we sleep trained him at 8 weeks b/c he was so colic-ie that i thought i might fall into a despression i may never recover from, but your baby will most likely not be just like mine;-) i am still going to use "the babywise schedule" for this little lady when she arrives b/c glory be, it gave us our sleeping lives back and although i have nothing to compare it to, i've seen my friends trying to sleep train their toddlers and i think it was much easier to sleep train my 8 week old that wasn't strong enough to crawl out of his crib;-) lots of screaming, lots of wondering if i was doing the best thing, but glory be, he finally learned and i am now a believe that sleeping through the night is a learned skill. i'll let you know how it goes the 2nd time around, hahahahahahaha, should be...interesting...

  5. How do you have time for 2 blogs!?! Loved the phots of the new bed.

  6. What a little bundle of grinning love! My kids were great...slept through the night from 6 months on. Either that or I didn't hear them..YIKES!
    Love the new blog look...I've been away too long ;)

  7. I don't think I could handle two years of waking up at night! I can barely handle one!

    My second daughter would fall out of bed a lot when we put her in a twin. I got her a rail and that saved us much sleep. Don't you love it when the little things are the answer?

  8. 1. That is one chunky monkey! hahaha

    2. Ryan is due for his big boy bed. But he is a full year older than Alex!

  9. Oh Emily...I haven't seen a picture of Alex at this age for such a long time. I just wanted to scoop her up and give her a million kisses!