Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time For Tots: Valentines Day Activities

Are you ready for Valentines?
We got ready during out latest Time for Tots day.

We started off with one of our usual activities, tracing and writing a letter for the day, today was H for heart of course.

Then it came time to sound out words and match them with the pictures. Lucas likes to take the round about way to things.
Then I made a decoding puzzle, I just created one myself, with the secret message of Mom and Dad Love You. Lucas loved this and was very proud that he got it all figured out himself and read it himself.

Then we made valentines for daddy.

Alex takes her cutting seriously.
Lucas And Alex's Valentines they made

It was a fun morning, and look my kids were both actually dressed for our Time For Tots day.

  • I made the decoding sheet and picture/word matching on my own
  • Letter H tracing came from here on First-Preschool Activities and Crafts


  1. Cute stuff!

    I am going to break out the paint today for a vday craft.

    Wish me luck....

  2. What a fun activity! My oldest has a 1/2 day at school today so we have to get to making her Valentines for her school party Friday!

  3. You look like a seasoned homeschooler! Now that my little one is 2 1/2 I need to plan more crafts for her. She loves to color and cut. And she's addicted to play doh. It's her kiddie crack.

  4. I just read through a ton of your time for tots posts, Emmy. You are amazing! Oh my goodness. Are you homeschooling your kids, or is this in addition to what they are doing at pre-school? Whatever the case may be, you are an inspiration to us all.

  5. you are so talented and creative. The finished product is darling!

  6. So cute! I decided I need to have Keith help me make a card for his Daddy. I love the ones your kids made. So adorable!

  7. This is another good one.

    Cute Valentines.

  8. Wow, they did great! Great pics too!

  9. What is the trim on Lucas' heart? They both did a great job.

  10. Gotta love those homemade Valentines. They're the best, by far!

  11. Very cute! It's fun to have a holiday to inspire a theme for kid activities!

  12. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing over at Trendy Treehouse


  13. I adore these posts ... and love the photos. They always looks so involved and happy.

  14. waaaaahhhhh, i haven't had time to do any valentine's stuff yet!!! maybe i'll sneak one in while the boys are at church...