Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cooking Club: Pasta with Goat Cheese and Roasted Asparagus

I haven't actually made this recipe yet, which Rachel submitted for April; but I figured I should get this one posted first as there are great prices on asparagus right now. Rachel has made it and said it was super easy and yummy. She said to definitely get soft goat cheese for the recipe to work best. And it is another vegetarian recipe!

Pasta with Goat Cheese and Roasted Asparagus

(from Martha Stewart Every Day Food)

2 bunches asparagus (two pounds total), tough ends removed

4 TBLS butter, cut into small pieces

12 ounces cavatappi or other short pasta

1 small log soft goat cheese (5 ounces), crumbled

2-3 TBLS fresh chives, for garnish

Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Bring a large pot of water to a boil for pasta. Place asparagus on a large rimmed baking sheet’ dot with 1 TBLS butter, and season with salt and pepper. Roast until tender, tossing occasionally, 10-15 minutes; cut into 2-inch lengths.

While asparagus is roasting, generously salt boiling water. Add pasta, and cook until al dente, according to package instructions. Set aside 1½ cups pasta water; drain pasta and return to pot.

In a medium bowl, combine goat cheese, remaining 3 TBLS butter, and ½ cup pasta water. Season with salt and pepper, and whisk until smooth. Add goat cheese mixture and asparagus to pasta; toss to combine, adding more pasta water if necessary for sauce to coat pasta. Serve pasta garnished with chives.

Oh, and since I haven't made it yet, I borrowed the picture Rachel took from her blog.

Happy cooking! And get your reviews in for the March recipes, they will be reviewed soon!


  1. i'm going to need some goat cheese recipes in a few weeks! this sounds wonderful.

  2. This picture is making me drool! I haven't tried goat cheese before, but I'm willing to try! Keep up the yummy recipes--I always like new ones!

  3. This looks really great! Our son would love it for sure since he has milk allergies. I would like to use our favorite pasta made from Kamut Khorasan Wheat is an awesome whole wheat with great texture! Yummy thanks!! :) I like your blog btw, come see me sometime at would love it!

  4. I am a little afraid of goat cheese but I love asparagus and that looks really yummy.