Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten Things

Okay, I think I had better hurry and write this post. After yesterday's post I got calls from both my mom and mother-in-law checking on me. So yes, I am okay. Yes, I am still really tired all of the time, but we are going to make it.

So here is this month's:
Ten Things to Smile About

1. Coming Home!! After a surprise month long vacation we all finally made it home.

2. Photo shoots after photo shoots after photo shoots.
3. Celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary with a night out and sushi!

4. The fact that Lucas and Alex adore their baby brother and don't seem to have any jealously towards him (knock on wood!)
5. Lucas started swim lessons and even though he says he wants to go home at one point during every class, he is yet to cry/freak-out and keeps going back.

6. Having my parents here for two weeks to help out and celebrating my dad's 70th birthday!
7. Getting Ryder some meds for his reflux-i.e. no more choking turning red screaming incidents, though he still spits up.. a lot.

8. Keeping Apple in business by getting the new iPhones

9. Getting back home to warm, sunny southern California weather--away from freak snowstorms in May.

10. And fully taking advantage of having a preemie baby--i.e. they have the newborn look for a LONG time with photo shoots, photo shoots, photo shoots.

I am so excited to see your lists now. Write them up and link up!


  1. I never thought about preemies keeping the newborn look for longer. Interesting! He's so darn cute as are big sis and bro! Those itty bitty hands!!!!

  2. Another good thing about preemies is that they sleep more. Enjoy it while you can. :)

    Great photos.

  3. Awesome pictures!!! I love the black and white of the three kids. SO CUTE!

  4. Oh my oh my, I love those last two pictures. I can't believe how small Ryder's hand is. MOST PRECIOUS.

    Love you list, as always. May every day be good!

  5. Awww! Look at that big yawn! He is sooooo sweet. Love the one about keeping Apple in business. hehehe.

  6. Lots goin' on in June!
    We are definitely benefitting from all of the photoshoots!

  7. My little guy just got put on reflux medication too and it made a HUGE difference! Hope your sweet little one it doing well! Enjoyed reading your list! I found you through Oswald Cuties :-)

  8. I just love love love the photos .. especially the teeny tiny hand one and the sepia one ... Lucas looks so cute in it!

  9. Emmy- I think this is my first visit to your blog, what a beautiful family you have. Amazing pictures of your new tiny addition.

    I loved the seeing the lists on several blogs that I follow so I joined in myself. Thanks for hosting such a great way to remind us we have a lot to be thankful for!

    Kim- Your newest follower!

  10. Omagosh, that itty bitty hand is so adorable!!

  11. I cannot believe how big Lucas looks. I mean how grown up he looks with the other two. You can see the adoration in their eyes as they admire their baby brother. Such a sweet family you have.

  12. The 3 kid photo is great!

    Glad to hear that there's no sibling rivalry going on...