Friday, July 30, 2010

Confessions: late Night Addition

All right, time for some confessions for the week, it is good for the soul, or just really fun to write.

I confess
I am writing this late at night when I should really be asleep
But I am up a lot now late in the night when I should be asleep, so hey why not?

I confess that I really am quite proud of my vlog from yesterday.
I thought it was quite funny and well done;
But it might seem impolite and arrogant if I say something like that.
Call me impolite and arrogant; I liked it.
I call it taking pride in my work

Lucas liked it too. He said he was playing with the real mom,
Alex was playing with the copy.
Was he right? It's hard to say.
Legos and doll house both have their good and bad points.

Speaking of doll houses, my neighbor growing up had one I totally coveted.
She never wanted to play with it.
One Sunday she actually invited me to play,
But I couldn't. I had pretended to be sick to not go to church that week.
And if you are sick you can't play with friends.

I was mad.

I am falling asleep now while typing this.
Holding a sleeping baby late at night is more potent than a sleeping pill.
But at least I haven't dropped Ryder while falling asleep... Yet.

I just noticed Ryder's hair is all crusty...
I just gave him a bath a few hours ago.
He must have been laying in his own spit up tonight.

No, I am not neglectful, he just spits up A LOT all of the time,
Sometimes it gets missed.
Sometimes it just rolls out of his mouth and doesn't even wake him up.
Guess he gets another bath tomorrow, or I guess today technically.

All right, he is done eating.
Time for sleep.
Good night...
Or good morning,


  1. Arrogant, impolite, pride in your was awesome. You really did a great job!

    What else is there to do in the middle of the night while feeding and holding a baby but post a blog?

  2. I loved your vlog. It was great.

    LOL at you faking sick so you didn't have to go to church. I think I've done that before too!

  3. I hope you are getting enough sleep. It's the worst thing about new babies. That and the poop.

  4. I thought your vlog was very cute. And I think you are too! More naps for better health, eh? :)

  5. Such an exhausting time. I sure hope he gets over his reflux. That is one of the most unpleasant things for a baby to have to deal with. Rather for the mother to have to deal with. And good for you taking pride in your work.
    And I love how this post is like a stream of thoughts, one leading to another. Those always make me smile.

  6. Isn't funny that we are always desperate for sleep and yet we stay up late just so we can do the stuff we want/need to do??

  7. I haven't gone to bed before midnight in over a week. Every night I say I will. Every night I stay up. Sleepy.

  8. Your vlog was fab so you should be proud!

  9. I'll have to check out your vlog!

  10. Aw, the things you can come up with late at night! LOL
    Man I hope Ryder's reflux gets better soon!

  11. It was an awesome vlog, you should be proud!

  12. I forgot to say...I loved Ryder's little cameo at the end!

    When my kiddos play hide and seek, they always hide in the SAME place too!

    And you looked simply lovely, my friend! Amazing, I can't believe you just had a baby!

  13. I enjoyed your vlog. Lots. I considered chasing my son around with the laptop (that's where the webcam is), but he'd probably be cursing at me, since he is not 5, he is 15...and that would not be cool, to have his mom chase him around the house with a webcam-enabled laptop.

    And the cursing would be bad, also.