Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pondering Life's Deep Questions

Sometimes life can be so simple and sometimes well there are questions we need help with. And today I have some of those deep profound questions I need your help with.

If the socks make it through the wash still folded together are they clean enough?

If the clothes are washed and laid in neat piles all over the floor does that count for doing the laundry?

And if you do actually decide to hang up this laundry, only to discover that you do not have enough hangers for all of the clean clothes because all of the clothes are never clean at the same time except rarely once in a blue moon only on television, do you buy new hangers or just put the clothes back into the neat little piles as it is easier for the kids to get their own clothes there anyway.

And back to the socks; if you keep losing socks to the sock monster, do you save the mateless socks in a basket to be latter reunited or do you just cut your losses and buy new socks? Or just wear two different socks?

If the wet clothes fall on the floor between the washer and dryer, do they need to be rewashed or is there a 3 second rule, like with food?

And finally, if you eat several a few cookies while doing said laundry the calories don't count since you are doing housework, right?

So my dear readers, please help me in my deep conundrum.


  1. LOL!! First, if they make it through the wash, then they are clean, folder or not, and whether or not it touches the floor. However, if it happens to fall into the dogs water dish, it is no longer clean. (BUMMER!)

    Calories? What? I was still thinking about the cookies. ;-)

  2. For me the socks are clean even if they went through folded together, the clothes are clean even if Miyah takes them and drags them all over the house, and if you drop the clothes between the washer and dryer why of course they're clean! :)

  3. In my house if a sock bundle has been washed, it's still considered clean. Now if I'm unbundling this sock bundle, and I feel crispiness...that's a whole 'nother story!

  4. folded socks are definitely clean. Clothes on the floor are definitely clean. I don't hang any of my kids clothes up - just stacks on a shelf (which often get toppled onto the floor) and hmmm, now I want some cookies! :)

  5. I just keep washing the lone socks over and over with their related loads in hopes that when another sock loses a mate (cause you know it will) they might meet up and connect :)

  6. Calories never count if your eating food and doing housework, no matter what the housework maybe.

    As for the whole Laundry thing, I don't even know how to do laundry. The BF does all the laundry and the dishes.

  7. Completely unrelated...but...I tagged you for an award and a game on my blog :) Hope you'll play along!

  8. I save mateless socks in a basket until conference. Then I sit during conference matching the huge pile of socks. Anything that doesn't have a match gets tossed. Then we start over. It would probably help if I would go through everyone's sock drawers before I do this since I'm fairly positive I'm actually contributing to the sock monster by this process but that's the way I roll! Or match, or well you get the picture!

  9. We have a sock bag. I go through it every once in a while, and throw away any socks that no longer fit anyone in my house. However, there are still some socks in there that have been waiting for a mate for 5+ years, that I don't hold out much hope for. Do I throw them away, though? No. Why? I don't know...

  10. folded or unfolded... those suckers are clean!

    yes neat piles count as doing laundry! Big time counts!

    I think my hangers run away at night! And yep, the leftover clothes get put right back into piles!

    I do have a sock basket by the dryer... the lost mate is usually found some where down the road! I am too cheap to buy new socks!

    Who cares if they hit the floor! Are you planning on licking them when they come out of the dryer? exactly! CLEAN ENOUGH FOR ME!!!

    Housework is excellent exercise so those cookies are long gone before you even eat them!

    Ahhhh! See don't you feel better getting all those crazy questions out in the open? I know I do!

  11. I vote clean on the sock bundles! I always just throw clothes in the dryer if I drop them in transit! Clean enough for me!

  12. My load of Lainey from yesterday is sitting other dryer. When we need something we will scavenge through. It will get folded sometime sat bc I'm sure I'll be doing another load by then and if I'm taking it out I mitt as well fold it. However, it's just as clean sitting in my dryer as it would be sitting anywhere else!

  13. You hang up your kids' clothes?! I put my kids' clothes in neat little piles like you said, and then gently lay the piles in their dresser drawers. SO easy. No folding involved!

    Since I have two boys, I buy tons of the same kinds of socks (white ankle Hanes with green writing on the bottom). That way, when I inevitably have a lone sock at the end, I put it in their drawer and it will eventually find a mate. But having a girl and a boy, I don't know what to tell you!

  14. I hate, hate, hate laundry! I actually cleaned my king size comforter in my bathtub the other day because my washer is the size of a mixing bowl. After doing that, I realized laundry could be a lot worse-we could still be doing it in the river beating it against the rocks!

    I was sore for 2 days after that stupid and ambitious maneuver!

  15. Eat cookies. Buy new socks.

    That's all I've got. I'm glad you are surviving new-mommy-hood so well.

  16. Yes the socks are clean!

    Yes the clothes are clean.

    Basket and new socks! Both!

    Cookies + Housework= negative calories!

    Three second rule totally applies.

    My kids just toss the clean stuff on the floor anyway.

    This was a fantastic post. I only wish I had read it sooner than I did!

  17. Whoa dude! That was DEEP! 3 second rule definitely applies to wet clothes on their way to the drier. Socks are my worst enemy! I can not stand it when they don't have their mates. I do hold on to them though, in hopes that I will find their long lost twin!

  18. Hangers? You are beautiful and have a great family and are a talented writer and photographer and a super star mom and you use hangers? Hangers?

  19. Yes.
    Neat little piles.
    Save the matchless for years at the bottom of the laundry basket. They DO turn up.
    DO NOT REWASH. Are you nuts?
    Calories do not count.