Monday, August 23, 2010

The Eerie Quiet

School has been in session for a week and a half... but today for the first time it feels and sounds very quiet. Too quiet, even with Ryder snoring a few feet away. Maybe it is because I am really good at just living in the moment or maybe it was because Lucas was pretty stuffy so I debated if I should send him to school or not.... maybe reality is finally sinking in, so well I might just cry a little today.

So while I am being all nostalgic and realizing my babies are growing up and I can't always protect them every second, I figured I would get more nostalgic by linking up with Oswald Cutie's Monday Mugs for an easy Monday post.

This week's theme is Oh the Things they Get Into

The dishwasher (Lucas about 1 year old)

The bathroom cupboard-and trying to get mom's makeup- that was quickly stopped

(and yes we did have pants for Lucas)

Cereal--and Seriously look at that attitude already! I should have known

And more cupboards-the kitchen ones this time

So head over and link up!
And speaking of linking-- Next Tuesday--the 31st will be the day to link up with Ten Things to Smile About!!


  1. LOL at that look on her face! I have seen that look. hahaha. Kristin once climbed onto the dishwasher too...I don't know if I have a picture though.

    Thanks for the reminder...I will link up again.

  2. I love those pictures! And Alex has the most mischievous looks on her face! Bwaaaah! They are both so cute!

  3. Those are great pictures. LOL at Alex's face in that cereal pic. So cute.

  4. I LOVE the picture of Alex with the cereal! A true red head through and through, eh?

  5. Oh! And I just remembered...I have a dishwasher picture similar of Sissy...only she was naked. Good times!

  6. How funny. I forgot about all these pictures! They do like to get into stuff, don't they.

    Their faces are as cute as ever. Good luck with the quiet today!!!!

  7. Holy cow your cupboards are clean! And your babies are cute! ;)

  8. So the cereal photo looks like an act of defiance with that expression on her cute little face.

  9. Hee hee! Those are funny! Alex and the cereal is classic!
    Sending hugs for the lonely mama today!

  10. Aw, they are so cute.

    And take a breath and enjoy the quiet. Its nice for a change. :)

  11. I love her face in the cereal shot! You really can see her personality! Love that Lucas wanted to get into your make-up :-) ha ha!

    Sometimes a good cry is necessary! Grab your box of tissues and go for it!

  12. It's ok to cry. I managed not to, but only because I was so busy moaning in pain all day.

  13. Ha ha! My kids are so dirty today, I am afraid the dishwasher might be the only thing to get them clean.

    Yes, the tears of a mother. i see a bunch of those every year.

  14. Oh look at how little they were! Hey, is that Great Lash mascara? I have the same exact one!

    Hang in will get easier!

  15. School starts for us on Thurs. I am dreading it. Today flew by and I don't have much hope for the next 2 days.

  16. OH man, they are sooo cute!

    Baby Carrier giveaway if you know anyone that needs one!