Monday, August 2, 2010

The Final Week

This is it...

Our last full week of summer.

Next week Lucas will start kindergarten again (read about that here).

And then on the 16th, Alex will start preschool three days a week.

I have mixed feelings about it all:

Pro: shopping with one baby instead of three kids will be so much easier
Con: getting up and getting everyone ready so it will be just Ryder and I is not going to be fun

Pro: Lucas is so smart and excited to make new friends
Con: Lucas is also very anxious, which in his world leads to melt-downs, disobedience and well completely losing it

Pro: Alex is so excited about being in preschool all by herself
Con: she is 3 (going on 16). Am I really ready for my girl to be gone so much?

Pro: we are taking the next step in life, entering a new stage
Con: we are taking the next step in life, entering a new stage

So as we enjoy this last week of summer, I am trying to keep hope that it will all work out. I know there will be challenges at times; I am trying to mentally prepare myself to get a few calls from the school... But if we just keep trying and keep working and keep doing the things we parents do day in and day out, we will persevere. We will make it and we may even enjoy the ride a bit.


  1. Hope they do great for you!

    My oldest starts kindergarten and my 4 year old starts 5 day pre-k in a few weeks. Only the baby with me for most of the day. Wow.

    I'm nervous, too.

  2. They will do great. You will do great! Think of it a blessing to get to sit and enjoy Ryder while they are away having fun and learning! Them going to school will be great time for you two to bond and cuddle... and probably clean up some spit up! Oh my! Change is tougher on adults than kids! You will feel 10 times more anxious than Lucas, I'm sure! Remember, you are the parent. If you feel like sitting in on their class you have that right. Who cares what the teacher thinks. That's your baby and if you need to go make sure you are comfortable with what is going on, then you go! Sit away! Most of all, pray for them. Some things are out of our hands (as much as we hate that). Pray with them before they leave, pray while they are away, and pray with them when they get home. Keep your heart focused on letting God take care of them while they are at school. You just enjoy this last week! I can't wait for all the stories of what Alex will say at school and what amazing project Lucas will do!

  3. Starting next week? You guys start school early especially for a California school system! Good luck with everything.

  4. Oh my gosh. I so wish I was following you last year! My Buddy is doing kindergarten again this year. We didn't pull him, but we put him in K knowing he may need to repeat (his bday is Aug 15 and the cutoff in MI is Dec. 1).

    He is NOT happy about doing K again, but I think it's for the best. He's smaller than everyone, and while he is middle of the road academics-wise, he is immature and I KNOW that another year will give him the confidence he needs to be very successful.

  5. Oh you guys are making me nervous about sending Nathan. He's going to be one of the younger ones, since his birhday is in July and the cut off is Aug 1. He just turned 5 and he's going this year....

    I'm praying he'll be fine.

  6. Only one week left of summer? Even that makes me feel a little sad.

    Good luck getting all the little ones off for school.

  7. Enjoy your last week! We still have a month! I am sure even with hard things, it will be good. Good luck adjusting! Can't wait to hear about it.

  8. I was so nervous when that all started but my kids have done great so far. it is weird to have them gone for so long and they tell you about stuff that happened and you think, wait, I should have been there with you....Aw well. You all will do great and Lucas will calm down soon. Just lots going on in his little world!

  9. It will take a little time to get in the flow but I'll bet it will all go really well! You'll enjoy some special alone time with Ryder too!

  10. I thought I went back early! I hope it all goes smoothly!

  11. An emotional roller coaster for sure. Keep your hands and arms inside at all times. Seriously though it will be a very different situation for you. But I think you and the whole family will do great.

  12. I never though going back to school would be so rough on me as a parent. I wor full time but I love that our summers are so carefree. Let's hope we both (and our kids) adjust beautifully! Good Luck!

  13. Wow, you guys really start early. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise.

    I hope Lucas does well. He's a little older now so maybe once the routine gets set he'll get use to it.

    You'll be fine. My Sprout was the youngest three year old last year in preschool. He looked so teenie tiny walking up to the front doors (as I took pictures of course!) But he loved it! It was ME that needed to adjust to it!

  14. I get so mixed up when it comes to the school year. On one hand I love getting my routine back but on the other it means no more lazy sleeping in days and my oldest is gone all day!

  15. We are still adjusting to the school schedule. I did go shopping with just Daisy today and it was so much fun! Except when she started pulling things off the shelves.

  16. I love your parallel optimism and realism - these phases are so hard, but totally worth it (on the right day, of course). Praying that Lucas will surprise you. Ya never know!!

  17. The last week of summer for you? That is a little intimidating, and so not fair. It is only the first week of August! I hope you can enjoy it to the utmost with lots of memories etc.

  18. We don't start school until after Labor Day so our summer is only partially over!! I wish it was closer!!

    And I bet it will be nice for you to have just 1 kid for a bit of time each day.