Monday, August 30, 2010

Ten Things

Is it just me or was August a very busy month? But most of the time it was a good busy. Hope it was for you too. So grab my button, write your Ten Things to Smile About this Month lists and link up. And it should be really obvious but please, ONLY link up if you write a list.

Ten Things To Smile About This Month

1. Both kids started school, like school, and doing well in school! World's better than last year.

2. Getting back into photography with THREE photo shoots this month! And hoping for lots more.3. Little Miracles-like Lucas going upstairs and spending 45 minutes cleaning his room all on his own! Okay-maybe that is a big miracle.

4. Chocolate cake
5. A weekend away with great friends-who also happen to be family

6. Lots of swimming-including going down a zip line and dropping into water
7. The funny ways Eric and Alex fall asleep
8. A couple of date nights out with friends-even though one ended with blood

9. The weather cooling off for the perfect evening outside
10. These eyes
All right, now link up with your lists. And please visit someone else who linked up, everyone loves some bloggy love.


  1. I love the sleeping one! I want to put Pringles in their mouths to make them look like ducks! hehehe

  2. Couldn't have done this better. That was really fun to read. Way to go on the zip line, by the way!

  3. Those are all great things to smile about. Love the collage of sleeping photos. So cute!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are such an amazing photographer! Love the list-I linked up :)

  5. So funny the way Alex can drop off the way her daddy does. And that picture of Ryder is soooo sweet.

  6. Cleaning room without being told is definitely a BIG miracle!

  7. Your kids are TOO cute! I just love all the pictures of them!

  8. Great list! I love the sleeping pictures too. How's Eric doing with that anyway?

    The one with Ryder and ERic is so great too.

    mmmmmm, chocolate cake!

    Great photoshoot pictures too. Beautiful job!

  9. Love all of your pictures!! And your 10 things make me happy too :)

  10. Oh those eyes! He melts my heart! You sure had a good month! If you don't mind I would love a chocolate cake for my birthday... you have plenty of time... it is in January! Just a suggestion ;-) Gotta love how kids (and men) can fall asleep anywhere and in any position... must be nice!

  11. Aw, I am smiling about your 10 things! The sleeping pics are too funny! All of your pictures, as usual, are amazing!! Congrats on the photoshoots. I'm sure they will keep rollin' in!

  12. Such great pictures!!
    We have had a busy, wonderful, crazy month. I should do this list too. How do you make those collages??

  13. I'm so glad to see people linking up! I had the best of intentions today, but it didn't happen. Next month...I'm there!
    LOVE the picture of the baby in a basket! What a cutie!
    Roon can fall asleep anywhere too. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence...

  14. So much to love in this post. I love the zip line!!! And the sleeping photos!! And of course Ryder!!! And the chocolate cake!!!

  15. What a super fun month! Was that you on the zip line? Way to go. I will be linking up in the morning!

  16. Emmy, I love you even more that you zip line into the pool!

    What a rock star mom you are!

    Plus you make chocolate cake.

  17. What a great list! Yay for chocolate cake! Your little one's eyes are amazing.

  18. I love looking at your photos! The colors and the content are both beautiful. And a zip line to go swimming with? Genius!

  19. I LOVE Ten Things, but you are single handedly responsible for making me feel like my life is whizzing right by :)

    My favs are Lucas cleaning his room and Ryder's eyes. Such blessings!!!

    I'm gonna link up - just a little late.