Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Recap in Photos

I'm busy having fun with family but I had to take a minute to join Oswald's Cuties Monday Mugs in a recap of the summer, as well we had quite the summer.

This was our last summer not restrained by school schedules, so we took our last summer trip to Utah in May.

We went for a week to see family and cousins
We ended up staying for a month when he decided to make his grand entrance at 32 weeks

After 19 days in the NICU we were able to be home for father's day
We spent a lot of the summer at home as Ryder couldn't be in public. To make our confinement more fun we

ate lots of treats
took lots of picturesand swam in the backyard
But we did make it to the park
Went on a hikeWent to the ocean
And we even managed to have a weekend getaway
It was definitely not how we planned our summer to go but it was wonderful in its own crazy way


  1. Unplaned adventures usually are the best. Looks like a great summer even if it wasn't how you planned it.

  2. We had a really wild summer, I need to make some collages and post about it. :)

  3. I am not seeing all the pictures. :( Bad blogger!

    Your summer was indeed an adventurous and memorable one! I am glad it all worked out. Ryder may have come early, but he sure has come a long way in a short time.

  4. :( I can't see most of the photos. But you really did have a wild summer. One that will make you so happy to look back on. And I bet the new season (of year and life) will be equally wonderful!

  5. You guys ROCK for managing to still have fun with all the craziness that was going on!
    I can't view all the pics either =(
    Thanks so much for linking up, especially with the holiday!!

  6. Family, swimming, parks, and hikes. Sounds like what summer is all about!

  7. I'm glad everything turned out great and you had a terrific summer. And Utah?! I've been there!

  8. You are a great photographer! Your photos captured the memories so nicely. Definately a summer you'll never ever forget. Happy Labor Day!

  9. Your itty bitty looks to be smiling in that hospital photo!

    What a wonderful summer photo capsule!

  10. It was one crazy summer for you wasn't it? Such wonderful photos though!

  11. For sure, a summer you will never forget :-)

    I can't believe that he only spent 19 days in the nicu! Wow!

    Such a fun summer for the kiddos!

  12. I'm visiting from Heather's blog. Sounds like you had quite the summer. My husband calls those kind of things, "the unplanned pace and the unplanned place." Glad that things worked out and your baby is doing okay. He'll have earned his place in your family stories.

  13. Oh my goodness - looks like a busy summer! And sometimes being the way we hadn't planned it... is the best of all :)

    We have an early baby too - and I love those photos! How cool is it that you spell your middle name just like mine?!?! (I never see them as Kathryn!)

    Happy Tuesday!