Friday, September 24, 2010

Tootsie Rolls

Have you heard about the awesome contest that Sami of Symmetry in Motion is hosting?
Symfully Sweet Saturday

At the beginning of the month Sami chooses a candy and then you have a couple of weeks to create something, pretty much anything that involves the candy that you can show on your blog. Then on a Saturday near the end of the month that she designates, you blog about it and link up.

Yes I know this is Friday, but Saturday's I post my cooking club recipes, so I am posting it today and will link up tomorrow. She is my zipper buddy so I am sure she will forgive me.

When she was telling about the contest she had the following Tootsie Roll Commercial from the 70's on her blog. My kids heard the music and instantly came over. 'Again!' They squealed as soon as it was done. I eventually relinquished my iPad as they watched the video no less than 20 times.

Then Lucas began singing the song and I knew what we had to do for this month's contest.

So we made this...

So go check out Sami's awesome blog and tomorrow check out the other great entry's. And I am pretty sure I will be begging you to go vote for my video at some point.
And did you realize the month is almost over?? On Tuesday the 28th, it will be time for you to write your Ten Things to Smile About this Month lists and link up. Please do, it makes me so happy.


  1. Haha!! That was so cute. I love how you incorporated the tootsie roll into photos with the before and afters.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Such a great idea! thought outside the box, and that's what it's all about. I can't wait to see what everyone else did tomorrow!
    Thanks for playing!

  3. That came out sooo cute! I will definitely vote.

    I can't believe the month is over. Too much.

  4. We all loved these videos. Yours is so cute! I LOVE it! Fun fun! My kids are saying again again!

  5. WHAT?! Okay, I think I'll throw in the towel now, cuz YOU WIN!!!

  6. Haha. I giggled when you said it had to be something you could show on your blog. I once made a cake that looked like a litter box and I used tootsie rolls to make cat poo. It looked pretty realistic. The kids didn't think it was really tootsie rolls till I bit into one.

  7. Love the song!
    My post is almost ready for next Tuesday. It really helps to type things up as they happen instead of trying to remember everything at the end of the month!

  8. What a creative approach! You may have taken the tootsie roll with this one. DANGIT! ;)

  9. That is cute! I was having some serious chuckles at the end. I hope you win!

    Now I want a tootsie roll. Hmm, I am not doing so well with the muffin top thing, am I? :)

  10. Ahhhh I love it! Good luck with the voting :)