Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12 Days Swap

I was going to recap Christmas Day today, but I want to get a few videos from Eric's phone first, so instead today I am going to tell about something else awesome that I was able to participate in.

My good friend Sami hosted a 12 Days of Christmas present swap
12 days swap
I debated joining up as I wondered if I would have the time to do it, but in the end I did.
Then I received the info for my swap partner. When I first got my swap partners information, I must admit I initially thought, well we don't have too much in common as we are in different stages of life. But the more I read her blog and tried to get to know her the more excited I was about being her swap partner and realized how much we do have in common. I was lucky enough to be matched up with Mandy of the Marvelous Musings of Mandy.

And then when I received the packages-yes it took two boxes to fit everything she sent me, I was floored and embarrassed about the messy wrapping job I had done as look at these beautiful presents!
And how did she know that blue is my favorite color!! And it totally matched the tree I put the presents under. And even presents for the kids!! How awesome was that.

She had little clues for the presents and I was so excited to start opening, but I was a good girl and waited and did one a day as I was supposed to.

Day 1: Clue: "Every woman needs these... I have many! You will need it for tomorrow."
Everyone wanted to see what I got.
Such warm and soft socks!! I put them on immediately!

Day 2: "I hope you enjoy this with your family while using gift #1"
Day 3: "This gift is found only in CT & I hope you enjoy it as much as I do"
Elf! Love that movie and one of the few movies we don't actually have!!
And well that box of the picture it may or may not be just the empty box as I may have eaten them all almost immediately.

Day 4: "Is only for Lucas and Alex! Enjoy! (it's not candy)
I must admit I was a little jealous that only my kids got a present this day; but it was so worth it when I saw their excitement. Crayons, markers and a coloring book for each! Princesses for Alex and Toy Story for Lucas, totally perfect!

Day 5: My fingers are crossed and I hope you will use this gift with #6 and #7
Day 6: If you don't use this gift...
Day 7: then I hope you use this...

Day 5 was the cutest snowman mug.. which I swear I had a picture of but can't find.
Day 6-the cocoa, definitely will use and love Day 7-I don't use but I have friends that do
And the snowman mug was so so cute and I LOVE snowmen.

Day 8:When I saw this I thought of you! (and the kiddos...still not candy)
Okay-once again Mandy did it! I love snowmen decor! And cheeses and dips... so my big downfall.. well my mid-sections downfall, so this is perfect!! Love it

And there was also something for the kids today to.
These little guys
after a few days looked like this
The kids have already had to give Santa a haircut as it is growing like crazy! They love it

Day 9: This will come in handy I know it will
This left me very intrigued for what the next few gifts would be. And I have already used it, it is so sturdy and awesome!

Day 10: I knew I wanted to get you one of these and you'll need it for #11!
Day 11: Hello... YUM! I hope that you love it and send a piece back to CT
Yes hello YUM is right, and the plate!! Oh I do love it!!

Day 12: In the end this is what really matters. I saw this and thought of you. (and yes, this time it's candy)
No-candy is not what really matters (but there was candy for Lucas and Alex which was quickly consumed, hence no picture)

But look at this cute magnet! And I was very touched and honored that Mandy thought of me when she saw this, as this is truly what I believe and how I hope I live my life. So thank, you Mandy, that truly made my day.

So thank you Sami for the wonderful contest. It began with me wondering how it would all work out, but in the end was so grateful for the perfect swap partner Mandy.
Check out Mandy's blog and enjoy getting to know her as much as I did.


  1. What neat presents! And yes they were so beautifully wrapped. I totally stink at wrapping. haha.

  2. Wow! That is totally fun and cool. She gave you really great gifts!

  3. What thoughtful gifts. The swap is awesome. I have to smile another one of us with awesome comfy socks. We need to do a post with all of us 12 Days of Christmas Lady's wearing them.

  4. So so glad you enjoyed everything I sent! An of course the kids too!

    I was just about ready to pull my hair out - because I couldn't find 'the' last gift and turned around in the store and saw the magnet! It was perfect! I'm glad you liked it!

    It's been fantastic getting to know you ... and I admit I thought the same thing when they put us together as partners ... but am glad they did so!

    Take care Emmy!

  5. WOW!!!! Such a thoughtful swap partner and I love all the gifts. And the wrapping. And the clues. Lucky girl! I can't even be jealous, though. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Happy belated holidays, friend. I am looking forward to catching up on your darling family today!

  6. Elf Rules!

    I need to start a man blog gift swap. Too bad there are only like 5 of us total.

  7. You got such neat stuff! The wrapping. OH the WRAPPING! I don't know if I could've opened em they were so beautiful! And you sent her awesome stuff too! :)

  8. You got some neats presents! I love that she included the kids! The Santa plant things are so cute!

  9. I'm with Mimi... the wrapping is Beautiful! (I'm so glad there's no evidence of my wrapping job!

  10. Wow her wrapping job was amazing! I have zero wrapping skills!

    Great goodies!

  11. wow! gorgeous presentation. i am so about the presentation!!

    THEN everything inside the packages are awesome too!!

    I am currently hosting a PINKtastic Swaptastic and I have a few spots open. I decided that I would hop around and personally invite some of the 12 days participants to see if they would like to join in.