Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Confessional: Life

  • This post is publishing much later than most of my posts.
  • Why?
  • Because I was enjoying the evening with Eric and the kids. Eric hasn't been around a lot lately.
  • He has been working a lot
  • 13-14 hour days
  • and no, he does not get overtime.
  • Yes, it sucks but luckily there is in end in sight to this craziness.
  • Last weekend I wanted to go out with some other couples, he just wanted to stay home as he has been gone a lot. But since he has been gone a lot, I have been home A LOT.
  • We went out.
  • Yes, it made me very happy (him too in the end)
  • I am trying to be a good wife and be supportive but sometimes it is hard.
  • I totally felt like a working mom yesterday.
  • I was actually dressed cute (i.e. not wearing jeans and some shirt I threw on)
  • and I took all three kids to the grocery store at 5:00
  • yes, I am insane.. but Lucas needed some soft things to eat, thanks to the loss of four teeth
  • it made me very grateful that I am not a single working mom and gave me a little glimpse of what it would be like for those of you who are--you are awesome.
  • Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday and I am happy to say Lucas did Awesome!
  • I must admit when they called him back my heart skipped a beat, but he was awesome.
  • He sounds a little funny now, but missing your four bottom teeth will do that to you.
  • And I am happy to say I totally rocked the mommy sympathy/take care of my guy thing.
  • I sometimes lack a bit in compassion...especially when it comes to whining/pain/sickness.
  • I tough it out, so you should to.
  • But I did good yesterday.

  • I don't have a lot of photography business right now but in some ways I think I am okay with that.
  • Sure, I would love love more jobs.. but sometimes I think I am insane for trying to do this in my current stage of my life.
  • But then I get another job and get out there shooting and love it.
  • Probably just the mommy guilt.
  • Darn guilt.
  • But for my wallets sake, I had better have a lot of jobs when all of my kids are in school.
  • You see, I have never been a big shopper, but the other day I went to Ross with just Ryder in tow (who slept the whole time).. and well I think I could really like shopping.
  • Especially when I can do it all by myself.
  • Yes, my wallet could be in danger.
  • I better make sure I have some other hobbies.
Hope you all have a great weekend! I am linking up with Glamazon and Mamarazzi for Friday Confessionals! Play along and check out both of these ladies awesome blogs!


  1. Oh how my life is like yours right now, I too cherish every minute with my very busy hubby's and that being a nice mommy thing. Ya I'm not to good at it either.

  2. I pretty much don't leave my house for fear I will spend money. It's seems the less I have, the more I want to spend...That just isn't good math.

  3. I'm glad Lucas did so well!
    I also love days when I actually get dressed "up". I can honestly feel a difference in the way I do things throughout the day. It's like I feel less lazy, or something.
    Maybe I need to do that more often...
    Yay for a date! I am in desperate need of one of those, myself.

  4. Good job on the "mommy love" I swear that heals them better then anything else. Good for you guys going on a date. My hubby and I usually are the opposite. He has to get me to go out but I love it once we go.

  5. I am SO glad that Lucas did well. It's so traumatic at the dentist for little ones sometimes.
    How come you "lack in compassion?"
    lol That sounds interesting.

  6. I am not allowed to shop alone or with just my sister. I lack control! It's bad. But oh so fun! haha. I know that single mom feeling...and I am sure most women do. It's hard. Really hard. Hang in there.

  7. I've been there with my husband working late. all. the. time. I feel for you...i hope the end comes soon!

  8. I couldn't imagine being cooped up and then wanting to do something, but your hubby just wanting to stay home. I love working because I get out of the house, which I really need!

    I'm so glad Lucas did so well yesterday.

  9. We have the opposite problem since E works from home and I drive a LOT to and from the office, but going out usually wins at our house, too. It's always a good time once we get there (even when I just want to put on PJs!!!!)


    So glad Lucas is OK.

  10. I love shopping too. But my list of wants is way longer than my money, so I have a rather long waiting list and buy a couple things from it every month. :)

    Glad Lucas did so well. Picture Please!!!

  11. Oh man ... it sounds like you are getting a taste of single motherhood. That sounds like brutal days ... for both of you.

    And poor boy -- missing 4 teeth! I imagine it must be quite an adjustment.

  12. So glad things went well with Lucas at the dentist! NEVER STOP your photography - you take fabulous photos!

  13. I am with ya on the temporary single parenting! My hubby has one business trip after another! I have being alone at night!

  14. My hubby has been MIA too. Darn accountants. Works so hard, but doesn't get paid for the over time. LAME!

  15. poor lucas what a little trooper!

  16. You are so funny! Good luck on getting more shoots (is that what it is called? or gigs?) so your wallet wont look deserted. Besides, picking up a new hobby is too much work, and often costs a lot too.

    I am glad things went well with Lucas. I hate the dentist. I am afraid I will have to go in soon (my teeth hurt) and I am dreading it so much. Would rather five birth again.

  17. Hooray for Lucas. I'm still trying to get over the shopping bug. Loved reading your post!

  18. So glad that the dentist trip went well!

    This is why Im glad I live too far from shopping central because I could go on a very regular basis if I were closer!

  19. I am FINALLY getting used to sean working 12 hour days, plus half days on saturdays. it's taken months of him consistently being gone. i think it would be worse if it were not the norm. we did adjust and it is our norm now. hope it gets easier!