Friday, January 28, 2011

How Socks Almost Made Us Late

We were almost late to school yesterday.

There was two things to blame

This guy

And these.

Yes a baby and socks.

I was dutifully blogging attending to my kids needs when I realized it was time to go.

Lucas grabbed his socks, which had been sitting on the floor and they were wet.

Remember this guy?

The cute, slobbery, still not mobile but puts everything in his mouth that is within his reach.

Yes-the socks were within his reach.

So upstairs I go to find another pair-but Lucas didn't want another pair- he wanted his new socks and proceeded to let me know by crying like a baby complaining about it.

I snapped kindly instructed him that he could wear the wet pair or this other pair but there was no way to get his new pair dry as we needed to leave five minutes ago.

He finally agreed to put on the older dry pair on and we were off.

And this guy?
He just smiled the whole time.

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  1. So cute! I have a slobbery sock chewer too! :)

  2. Your pictures are better every day! I need you to be my teacher!!!

    Ryder is incredibly adorable and I'm glad Lucas didn't choose to wear wet socks! ;)

  3. Oh how I love those eyes!!

  4. Hilarious! What a little doll! I love that age :)

  5. What a cute story! And your pics are great. It's nice to know there are other people who have days like that.

  6. LOL Your strikeouts cracked me up! hahaha.

    I hate mornings like those. It is good you can turn it into something fun and use those super cute pictures along with it!

  7. I love baby drool! He's a cutie.
    I can almost imagine the drama with soggy socks.

    It's good to know that your priorities are totally in order.
    #1 blogging
    #2 attending to the needs of the children

    Yep, you rock.

  8. I've had my share of being late on account of socks. And kids. :) PS--you can grab the PSF button on my site, too.

  9. Awhhh :( I like wearing new socks too! Maybe tomorrow. HA!

  10. Sounds like something that would happen in my house. I don't have another kid to get them wet, but my four year old moves around so fast he's like two kids. And he would then refuse to put on the new socks, I just know him.

  11. Ryder is so cute. I can't imagine how lovely those socks tasted. Cotton mouth anyone? LOL

  12. My gosh, Emmy! That kid of yours is DELICIOUS and your pictures of him are FAAAAABULOUS. I am SO impressed!

    Socks almost make us late nearly every morning around here. Gracie's need to wear two pair and have them feel right is a major time suck.

    Who told Ryder, by the way, that he could grow up while I was on my forced blogging break? Not fair!

  13. That little sock slobberer is totally worth being late for. He gets cuter by the day. I want to eat him up. Really.

  14. Sometimes they are so much easier when they can't actually speak.

  15. But that little guy is too darn cute to be too mad at!

  16. brennan starts preschool in sept. i called today and switched him to the 12:30 class b/c we all know i wasn't going to be making it by 9. ha!

  17. Edy just started eating her own socks this week. I've never had a toe grabber, so I'm loving this stage... right now ;)

  18. Don't you love those emotional kindergarteners? My daughter threw a MAJOR tantrum this morning because she couldn't find any pants. want to know where they were? Oh, yeah. In her drawer. Seriously.

  19. I can imagine the meltdown now...

  20. I'll use this post when I need to explain to the Little One why having a little brother isn't all that great!

    OH MY GOSH ... those blue blue eyes!

  21. Hee hee! One little thing can mess up the entire morning! My boys think it's funny to let me know they can't find their shoes right as we need to walk out the door! I do not leave time in the schedule for mishaps!!