Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional: What I want

Yep, it's that time again!

  • You know what I would like more than anything?
  • A whole day completely to myself.
  • A day to just get caught up on the ten million things on my list
  • a day to not have to deal with sick or fighting kids
  • but the sad thing
  • if I did really have a day like this
  • I would probably be bored after a few hours and just sit there watching TV
  • rather than work on the millions of things on my list.
  • Why is that? Why do we do that?
  • or is that just me?
  • I like to be involved, I like knowing what is going on
  • When I was younger if my parents were having a party, I wouldn't be off playing with the other kids
  • I would be the kid quietly sitting in the corner with all of the adults eaves dropping on everything they were saying
  • didn't want to miss out.
  • And while I have gotten better about this as I have become more secure as a person
  • I still sometimes have the tendency to want to do it all
  • as hey I know I can do a good job
  • so I say yes.. a lot.
  • And while most of the time it works out
  • it often comes to bite me in the butt and lead to me being super busy and crazy at times
  • but then in the end when I work well under pressure and it all comes together and people thank for me for a job well done-well it just sets me up to say yes all over again
  • maybe it's a sickness
  • or is it a good thing?
  • maybe both.
  • Maybe I just have adult ADD and am all over the place...
  • might be why I have so many projects I have started and never finished.
  • One project I have followed through with is taking a picture of Ryder every month
  • this month his "birthday" fell on Valentines day-do you wanna see?
  • Of course you do
  • that will be a good way to end this rambling.. with something adorable to look at!
The traditional monthly picture
In honor of being 9 months on the 14th

Look Mom, I am a heart breaker already!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Go confess with Glamazon and Mamarazzi, it's good for the soul!


  1. Totally agree. I'd love a day to myself, but when I get a few hours, I'm not good at filling them productively. You're not alone!

  2. I love the "monthly" birthdays and as soon as I get my fancy dancy camera I hope to start the same tradition with my #1 grandbaby.

    I sooooo understand what you mean about "if" I was given the gift of one day how I would more then likely sit gelling in front of the tv...I used to say "if I could just be" a fulltime stay at home wife/mom how I would be or my house would be and here I am and it's soooo not hahaha

  3. I day to myself would work best only if it's a day when I wake up feeling motivated! I love days like that!

    He is just so cute and I think he looks a lot like your other kids while still having his own look too! I wish I could meet him. The baby I held last May seems like a different person!

  4. Cute pics! I often say I'd like a day to myself for that same reason. It would be awesome to have the house to myself for a day. It never happens!

  5. He really is a heart breaker. So cute!

  6. I hate saying yes to anything-that just way too much commitment! Plus, I don't do anything very well-usually only half-a$$ ;)

    That kid is too cute!

  7. I have the same problem! Maybe it's a mom thing?
    I don't know, but I always WANT to do everything, and eventually something falls by the wayside.
    Maybe I don't multitask well...

  8. He is so smiley. I love, love, love that heart breaker picture. The look on his face is priceless!

  9. We've done it again...I said practically the same thing about wanting some time...of course I was greedy and wanted a WEEK! haha.

    I totally have adult ADD.

    It was fun to watch you take the pictures and now seeing the final product.

  10. The pictures are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love them!

    I would love a day all to myself and I say I would get things done, but truthfully, a day just doing NOTHING sounds AMAZING!!

    HOpe you have a great weekend!!♥

  11. If I had a day just to myself I'd end up watching AI all day long.
    American Idol.
    Also, those pics of Ryder are SOOO cute.

  12. I, too, want a day with myself. Although if I did have such a day, I'm afraid all I would do is sleep. Ah, blessed sleep. How I miss you since my son was born.

  13. Those are the sweetest photos! Awww how adorable :)

    I would love a day to myself, I would love a hour to myself!

  14. He is adorable! Such a little sweetheart. I wish I would have done that with my little ones. Now if I tried it they would just think I lost my mind.. can you imagine.. 16 years and 1 month today.. yeah just doesn't work the same way..

    Well anyway enjoyed your confession.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Oh My Gosh ... I forgot everything you said once I got to the Ryder photos ... he is so DARN CUTE that I can't even stand it! Love the look on his face in the last one!

  16. After a while of staying at home, you can think of stuff you can do all day long! Even if it's just window shopping or going to a bookstore and reading a magazine!

    Oh and what a cutie! You better watch out, he will be a heart breaker!

  17. My heart completely melted looking at those pictures. so cute!!!!!!

  18. So incredibly chubby and cute!!! I love that you put it on a heart! So precious! He looks sooooo long!!!! Are you chasing him all over the house yet???

    I too dream of an entire day all to myself. I mean, in my house all alone. Not a day out and about to be "off" as a Mommy. I would love a day with just me and my house! I know I would feel guilty though, so perhaps I never will.

  19. What a darling little munchKIN!!!
    Totally a heartbreaker!

    Looking on your previous post......DROWNING in syrup thankyouverymuch!

  20. What a DARLING, handsome little fellow. Getting excited to give him some kisses....

  21. When Sean takes the kids and I have no shows to watch or anything to get done I am soooooo bored. Puts things into perspective...and them everyone comes home and I'm exhausted again:)

  22. Look at that darling 9 month old boy! He is definitely a heartbreaker with that smile!!