Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Yellow Book

Something has been sitting on our sidewalk for a while now. We saw it, noticed it and decided to ignore it.

It got rained on, got blown around by the wind a bit and it wouldn't surprise me if the neighbors dog that got out claimed it for it's own as only dogs can do.

Finally we said, well who uses these anyway and threw it away.

What was it sitting on sidewalk taking all this abuse and neglect?

I am talking about the Yellow Book-well I don't know if it was the Yellow Book as Yellow book is a brand name just like Kleenex-but a phone book----anyway...

When we finally threw it away Eric asked-well who uses these things anyway?

I immediately said my mom- (hi mom! Love you!) and well your mom (meaning Eric's mom-I was talking to him at the time)

But truly with google always right at my fingertips through my iPhone, iPad or Mac (yes we really like Apple products) the phone book has become somewhat of an anomaly.

As I sat there pondering this, as obviously this was a very important thought provoking moment, I remembered something.

"Did we have Internet in our house in Utah?" I asked Eric.

We had our first home built in Utah just a little over six years ago. And what was Eric's answer-no.

Just six years ago we had a home without Internet access! What-the-What?? Could that truly be true. Something that I now use daily- heck hourly was not available in our first home just a little over six years ago. That just blew my mind! How could that be?

How did we find out what movie was playing? How did we call to make a reservation to a restaurant? How did we find out what time the store closed??

We used to use it. Do you use it still?

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  1. Okay, first, this post was great. Fun reading and just plain interesting! And I actually DO still use it. Funny because just a month or two ago, Todd threw them away and I got mad at him for it. But no worries, we've had three delievered to our step since then. haha!

    I think once we have a computer upstairs, I won't use it anymore. But I don't have any apple products . . .

  2. I still remember the first time o ordered something off the Internet......with the help of my hubs....cuz I was so computer illiterate.
    A gasket for my pressure canner.
    I was in awe!
    It was about to become almost as important as air!

    Yellow book? Nope.

    Google rocks.

  3. The town I live in is pretty small, so we have a really small one and I do use it...only when the computer is off. I mostly use it to look up the pizza place! ;-)

    Almost 7 years ago, we upgraded our computer and got high speed internet. I still remember getting it and being in Heaven!

  4. Crazy how time LITERALLY flies by isn't it?!?!? We didn't have internet in our first house and had dial up in the second. A long, long way from the wireless iPad days we're loving now. And yes, we threw away our yellow book. Cute post.

  5. The books we get are smaller...almost like a mini version so I do keep that under the seat in the car. I don't have internet on my phone so if I'm out and need the address to something that I forgot to look up before I left, it comes in handy.

    Anyone else used to have to sit on phone books at the table when you were little?? That's about all they're good for nowadays!

    And I hope you at least recycled them!!

  6. I brought mine in. Why? We don't use them. I wonder if there is a way to tell them NOT to send it. I can not remember NOT having internet in our married life. I know twice in our married life we had dial up....zzzzzzzz......loading...loading......zzzzzzzzzz :)

  7. I say we almost never use it! Kind of sad:(

  8. I've never been big on the yellow pages, but I do still use the local white pages to find local businesses. I find that, especially in the South, a lot of local businesses just aren't online.

  9. Phone books confuse me and always have.

  10. I am with you. I never use it. But I do try to keep at least one on hand in case the power goes out. I am speaking from experience, of course. :)

  11. I have not used one in years, as for the Internet...we have had it for 11-12 years, we currently have dsl and I miss vios, dsl is too slow. Makes you wonder what it all will be like in 10 more years.

  12. I can't remember the last time I used a phone book. Like you, I google everything.

  13. I will always go to the phone book before looking it up on the internet. Old school, I guess. Or just old. ;)

  14. Yep, I use them every time my nephews sit at my a booster. And I didn't have to by it!

  15. We don't use ours any more. My mom does, though!

  16. I'm old school I still use it. I never think to use the computer for addresses and phone numbers...Heck my phone can do that for me but I still pull out the 'Yellow Pages'

    So it's true then, you can't teach an old dog new tricks....sigh

  17. LOL! I HATE it when I see that thing on my porch! There is actually a website you can opt-out of getting them, Sorry- I can't remember what it is- boy am I helpful!
    But I just see them as a big waste of paper!

  18. Nope. Always google it on my phone:) BUT I do have a pen and paper address book!

  19. We use to use it ages ago when we were kids but now, like you said, it's iPhone, googling etc...

  20. Hahhaa. We have ours sitting ontop of the microwave, but we don't use it. I actually think there are 3 of them and we hardly ever touch them. Think of all the trees they would save if they didn't make them anymore. But then there are people who still do. What a conundrum!

    On the other hand, I am saddened to see so many bookstores going out of business because of the kindle and nook. There's just something about a good book.

  21. You're right, Em...I do still use it. But my copy of a phone book is old and covered inside with scribbles and other notes I can't give up. I do keep one in my car for reference in an emergency. Hey! At least I have a phone in my car now! Ha Ha...I have lived too long the other way (not to mention my eyesight isn't what it used to be). I can't see myself ever using an electronic gadget. Loved your comment about your first house. Things do change so quickly!

  22. We just had this same conversation when we got our Yellow Book the other day!!! We actually do use it when we have to find a company to do something and we don't have a "standard" go to company already. We look through the Yellow Page ads to narrow it down to a few choices and then do more research. Other than that, we don't really use it.

  23. I was thinking the exact same thing TODAY. For some reason, Daisy thought the phone book would be a fun thing for her to play with. She called it a "pokey."
    I wondered why we even had them in the house because we never use them!