Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About

Another month is coming to a close and so it's time to reflect on the good things that happened this last month. Feel free to write your list, grab the button and play along, I would love it. So here is my list for this month, in no particular order.

Ten Things to Smile About in March

1. BYU making it to the Sweet 16--wish they would have went further, but it was fun to watch it while it lasted

2. Celebrating Eric's birthday3. Getting the new lens I really wanted! Thanks Eric- love you!

4. Having a great visit with Eric's parents

5. Capturing this moment in picture
6. Watching Ryder's iron levels return to a good level and watching him to continue to grow

7. Lucas scored his first goal in soccer
8. Getting the new iPad2

9. Watching the cutest ballerina perform in her ballet

10. Perfect evening weather for dinner outside
So grab the button, write your list and link up!
It makes me smile.


  1. Congrats on your new lens!

    And that is an adorable ballerina!!

  2. You have turned me into a blogging monster. I hope you're happy. Consider it your Christmas present. ;)

  3. Great shot of the little ones with the balloon!

  4. A new lens and an iPad 2? Lucky you!!

    You sure do have cute kids. It sounds like you had a lot of fabulous things to make you smile this month!!

  5. I am so jealous of your nice outside weather. I want nice weather. :)

  6. I love your ten things to smile about!
    What kind of lens did you get?

  7. Your list of ten definitely made me smile!!

  8. What a great list! You are very blessed.

  9. Eating outside!!! Jealous.
    And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture with the balloon. Seriously. That should win an award. You gotta enter it into something.

  10. Alex truly was the best ballerina there. She totally stole the show. I am glad Lucas is enjoying soccer so much. You had a really good March. Here's to an awesome April!!

  11. I love seeing photos of all your cute kiddos but this month's photo of Alex in her tutu is an all time fav. It's such a classic and I love her and her red hair.

    Thanks for always reminding me to take the time to remember what was good about a month that I can hardly remember : )

  12. That balloon shot is just superb. I love his expression.

    Alex and her, love, love it.

  13. Fun list.

    Apparently my blog is full and it won't let me add pictures unless I pay for more space . . .

    so my list is pictureless for now. :)

  14. Your list your list made me smile too! So thankful that you do this to remind us of all the little and big things that happened in 30 some days.

  15. Do you love the 2 as much or more? wish I had one..... My list will be up soon, had to finish a book for book club tonight.

  16. That ballerina of yours is adorable!

    And that picture of Ryder and Alex is priceless - love it!

  17. Aw. What a fabulous month. That first soccer goal is always SO exciting. Well, so are all the other ones! LOL

    After 2 cranky months that were very hard to smile through I was able to come up with my list this month!! So good to be back with the smilers!

  18. You got a new lens and an Ipad2? What did Eric get for his birthday? Wow, spoiled. :)
    That photo of the balloon is my favorite ever. Still. It makes me smile. Every time I see it.

  19. What kind of lens did you get? Looks like you had a good month:)

  20. Love the dinners outside. I love warm nights with dinner outside and bike rides after. So fun!!

  21. Go Cougars!

    What a great list of things to smile about!

    And I always love looking at your photo's so much!

    I wish I knew how to take better pictures!