Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Vloggy Kind of Day

So two very awesome lady bloggers have started a monthly Vlog which I thought would be fun to participate in, which is also why I did my Ten Things to Smile About yesterday (go check it out if you haven't yet-still time to link up)

Mamarazzi of Dandelion Wishes and Shawn of Seriously Shawn came up with a great idea for a monthly Vlog where they post some questions and then you have to make a vlog of yourself to answer them.

So I am playing along, so enjoy!


  1. So Miss Alex likes being in videos but not pictures, eh? Funny, funny.

    I love seeing your piano picture framed, looks so great!

  2. LOL Alex! So funny. I can do stuff with my tongue too, but a flower...now that is unique!

  3. Awww...loved your video! Alex was playing hide and seek! Lol

    The flower is quite the talent! I've been trying to do it but I can't. I can flip my tongue over and I can curl it. That's about it.

    Love your gorg clock and that sweet picture!

    Good job!! I've got the strep throat so I got a pass for this month! SCORE!

  4. That picture of Alex's hands on the piano is so great. I love that it was your inspiration to get into photography!

  5. Awesome piano picture!

    Some people in my family can roll their tongue...I'll have to ask them if they can make a flower.

    I love clocks (and watches)!

  6. Love your show and tell pieces! That's a pretty clock. I need a clock. I just realized I don't have one anywhere in my house. Isn't that weird?!

    You're SO cute!! I'm glad that you are healthy now!

    I admit that I just tried to do that flower thing with my tongue and I can't.

  7. HEY! I just bought a big clock and this morning I was thinking, "Hey, I should have use that!"
    Anyway. Alex is hilarious! She was peeking around your chair from the very start and cracking me up! LOL!

  8. Wow! You have the craziest tongue talent I've ever seen!

    Love the peek-a-boo from Alex, tell her I say 'hi' too!

  9. Look at you! I admit that I tried making a flower ... and well, it was just a sad attempt!

    Alex is very very cute in the video - sweet thing!

    Great vlog!

  10. Max LOVED watching Alex on the video. So fun to see what you're like in real life:)

  11. You are talented! And I love the hide-and-seek game going on :)

  12. OK that was so cute!
    I love her hands.
    Yes you are a professional!

  13. For some reason I can't hear it but I love little Alex in the background!

  14. I can do the tongue thing too!

    Love the photo! I can't take pictures at all. So, I'm way jealous of people that can.

    And glad to hear you are ok. But open heart surgery, your parents most have been so worried at the time.

    PS, love the photo of Christ with the child. One of my favs!

  15. I love your little helper. :) That photo is beautiful!
    Amazing that you have had those 2 surgeries!
    Scary that you can do that with your tongue. ;)

  16. Peek-a-boo!!!! So cute!!

    Wow - I love the piano pictures. Precious!!


  17. I may or may not have watched this in the car...I almost crashed when I saw your tongue! Your are a very talented girl indeed.

    I love your little one, what a trip!

    Thanks for playing and please remember to send in some questions for next month!

  18. Loved.the.vlog! I feel like I kow you a little bit better,very cool!

  19. wow heart surgery? i definitely can't top that!

  20. love the tongue talent my sister Meg can make 6 "petals" or she calls them taco shells, with her tongue. crazy stuff man.

    love your clock and super love your photograph...very sweet!

    thanks for liking up...sorry i am tardy!

  21. Very cute! I couldn't do a video in my house right now because it looks like a tornado went through it. One did actually, a tornado named Avery.

  22. Wow! And I thought it was impressive that I can made a "taco tongue". You've got me beat for sure!

  23. I cant even make the taco tongue! The flower is awesome!

    Alex was cracking me up the whole time, such a doll!

  24. I can do a taco tongue but the flower... wow, impressive!

    LOOVE that picture of Miss Alex's hands on the piano!!!

  25. yay for being a survivor! thank you for sharing. and you hidden talent is insane - in a good way! loved seeing little glimpses of your daughter. :)

  26. What a beautiful picture!
    I can roll my tongue, but I don't think there is any way I can do the flower...
    I'd probably give myself a tongue cramp if I even tried!