Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Confessionals: Moving, cleavage and Other Stuff

It's Friday!! We are enjoying our last few days of my parents visit. It has been wonderful having them here-not only has my mom kept me motivated to keep unpacking but the extra help entertaining the kids has been wonderful. So while we are off boating around the ocean (or at least a harbor) today I figured I would do some good confessing as it has been a while.

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  • I confess I have been very happy my parents are here
  • if they weren't I know I would have about 1/4 of the things unpacked that I do.
  • Did I tell you our house is done-well virtually- yes a week and a half and all of the boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung- yes we are moving experts.
  • Though we still haven't found our phone and our the glass temple cake topper that we had on our wedding cake....
  • and after talking to one of Eric's coworkers who used the same moving company- I am pretty sure they were stolen
  • and that pisses me off.
  • and makes me really glad I brought my camera with me--though it was never a question that I would do that.
  • Did you see Ryder's first time at the beach? I had to do a lot of selective editing on that.. as well either my bathing suit got stretched out or I just never noticed-
  • but man it shows a lot of cleavage!
  • And well I don't really want to broadcast that all over the internet.
  • plus it seems to have gotten smaller and my gut was showing at times
  • and no one wants to see the belly of a lady who had three kids- at least not this lady
  • Time for a new bathing suit
  • We are getting pretty settled in here-though I still haven't found a preschool for Alex.
  • I found a great possibility but she is 4th on the waiting list-so it just isn't going to happen
  • And well I feel only a tiny bit guilty that the thought of her being home everyday for another year drives me insane...
  • but that idea would probably would drive her insane too
  • I was always going to be one of those moms that would never send her kids to preschool as I could teach them...
  • funny how time and crazy strong willed kids can change that
  • so wish me luck
  • Enjoy the holiday weekend!!


  1. Good luck finding a good preschool! Have a wonderful 4th =)

  2. I am amazed that you are all unpacked with pictures hanging. Good for you!

    That sucks about the phone and your cake topper. Why would people steal that stuff??

  3. You are a moving expert! That's awesome!
    Bathing suit shopping is a drag...leave the kids at home for that one ;)
    Happy 4th to you as well!

  4. no point in draggin it out, get everything put where you want it, and make it your home.

    Sorry to hear if your stuff was stolen, I would call the manager or owner...

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh dear I do hope you find your missing items. That is not cool. SO glad you took your camera.

    Fingers crossed you find a school for Alex...well one that she can get into. She needs the structure and you need the break. :)

    Get that new suit while you can...soon winter stuff will be in stores. School supplies will be in stores now too I think. haha.

  6. That totally sucks that your stuff may have been swiped! Is there somebody you can call?
    Good luck with finding a preschool!!

  7. Glad things are getting done! Getting unpacked is a pain in the behind.

    Sorry you had stuff stolen. I would totally complain to the moving company. That is not ok. And not something that should be looked as ok or oh well.

    I'm one of those moms too. Although, we do not do preschool, I can not WAIT until my kids are in school.

  8. great confessions and good luck with preschool

    Everyday Life

  9. Oh my...I'd be so mad if my stuff was stolen!

    Regardless, it sounds like you are going to have a great weekend.

  10. Such a bummer your stuff got stolen! They apparently need to get a new company.

    And I need a new swim suit too. And I dread that.

  11. I'm so glad you have had your parents helping you put your home together. That helps everyone feel great...when it's finished, that is. YAY! for all your hard work. Best of luck with all the other snags and bumps. XOXO

  12. We moved in well over a year ago. Our pictures are STILL not up.

    I'm jealous your parents are there.

    My mom hasn't been able to visit us in years.

  13. I always have my stuff moved in and hung right away. I can't stand for it not to be. We need pictures. :)

  14. Well, that is BOGUS! What moving company is it? And why, I wonder, would they want a glass temple?

  15. Oh no! That is awful if someone stole your things! That makes me sad!

  16. My brother was trying to take a picture of me and my baby the other day but he said every time he tried my cleavage took center stage. I gotta get some new shirts!! hahaha