Friday, January 13, 2012

Good News Friday

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Joining up my friend Grumpy Grateful Mom for her new weekly meme

This week's good news- it could be the lack of homework battles- truly a small miracle. Or it could be the fact that after almost two months of sickness the whole family is healthy!

But nope, this week my Good News is shopping- stick with me here.

How much would you guess I paid for all of this?
Try $100! We have some amazing thrift stores about 20 minutes from my house and I love love going out there and finding good finds- something exciting and successful about it.

And to break it down a little more in this stash is

7 shirts for Alex
2 dresses
1 skirt
3 pair jeans still for Alex
5 shirts for Lucas
1 pair jeans
1 shirt for Ryder
2 pair jeans
35 kids books (Fancy Nancy, Junie B. Jones, Bernstein Bears, etc.
1 giant mega blocks truck
Package mega blocks
2 heart shaped Wilton cake pans
1 heart metal Valentines basket
Lincoln logs set
Mouse trap game (complete looks brand new)
2 kid puzzles- both new (Disney Princess and Littlest Pet Shop)
3 blue table center pieces (for cub scouts)
Small container of Glitter
Wooden craft balls (who knows what I am going to do with these)

Oh and not pictured- a pair of cute boots for Alex
enjoying the loot

So yep, it may be a little silly (which is totally allowed by the rules) but this shopping success made me happy and is my Good News for the week.


  1. FIrST!!!!! Cause it's Friday :-D

  2. Wow you really got quite a haul for $100!! That truly is good news.
    I always play a game at the grocery store trying each week to see how much I can bring home for $100. It makes you feel good when you can be a savvy shopper.

    Have a GREAT Day Emmy!!

  3. Wow! That is fantastic - you ALWAYS find the best deals, don't you???


  4. Now that was an amazing deal!

  5. I don't think this is silly at all. I love thrifting and you are right there is something so rewarding about knowing you got so much for so little, did your part in recycling, and made your family happy. Yay!!!

  6. Wow! That's a crazy lot for $100! So awesome!!!

  7. That definitely needs to be celebrated! Great haul!

  8. You made out!!! I love that you got Mouse Trap! :P

    Ryan was pink yesterday! Second from the top of the best behavior! Good news indeed.

  9. Amazing! I'm in awe of all the great stuff you got. Especially when I think about what I came home with when I spent 100 at Target the other day. I truly appreciate you adding your good news!

  10. Wow, it looks like Christmas happened all over again...heehee!

    You did really good!! I seem to have no luck in getting great deals like that!

  11. Wow!!! I am taking you shopping with me. I am glad that you guys are not sick. We go through that here at times.

  12. You did so well! I love the Wilton pans!

  13. Whoa you made out like a bandit!

  14. That is awesome! I love our thrift stores here too. They are amazing. I always come home with stuff for way too cheap. Some of Emma's clothes that I get at consignment still have the original tags on them! EVEN BETTER!

    That's a lot of stuff! I think they like it! Have a great weekend!

  15. Woohoo!!!! I love thrift shopping. Your kids look like theyre loving it too. Stopping by from Grumpy Grateful Moms link up.

  16. Wow! That is a great deal … that should last them awhile!

  17. I consider that VERY good news. I love thrift store shopping, but the only thing I have around me is Goodwill and they charge too much.

  18. Woah nelly!!!!! That is an amazing shopping trip! Kudos to you for being so thrifty! I LOVE finding good deals on kids books. I'm glad you got so many!!

  19. Look at you, Miss Bargain Shopper! Awesome! Are you good with coupons too? I am trying to learn the ropes and could use some tips! :)

  20. SCORE! I haven't gone thrift store shopping in the longest and I miss it.

  21. What a great deal on all that good stuff! I love shopping at resale stores, too!

  22. And this is exactly why I shop at Thrift Stores too Emmy. Love all the wonderful things I get from them for affordable prices. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Really appreciate your comments. It truly helps.

  23. Glad you have the Mousetrap game. I was going to get them one. Hooray!

  24. What a haul! Love a good thrift store myself.
    I was going to link up yesterday, but my video won't function properly. Love/hate technology, don't you?

  25. I did a post like this before school started when I bought all the boys school clothes at a thrift shop. I got a ton of stuff, mostly name brand, and pratically new for super, super cheap. They were having a sale and all children's clothing was 50 cents/piece. I bought something like 10 pairs of jeans!!!! And they were in good shape w/no holes in the knees and looked brand new and my boys are still wearing them. And I had a pile of shirts too. I was so happy that I blogged about it too.

  26. I NEVER get that much good stuff! Boo!

  27. You totally scored!
    Great finds. Way to save a dollar or several!

  28. I love shopping at thrift stores! I mean.. once I got over the whole idea of someone else wearing it first and washed it... I love it! Isn't is amazing how someone else's trash can be your treasure? Though it does make me think... we should just swap toys, books and clothes with friends instead of going out to buy new ones.

  29. This totally makes me jealous and has me jonesing for a DI shopping trip!