Friday, March 23, 2012

Apps and Movies Working Together

The company is all gone, Eric is back at work, but the kids are still home a couple more days. So while I start to try and get back into a routine, I will just leave this with you today.

A couple of weeks ago I gave away a copy of Happy Feet Two. I also received my own copy of the movie so we could watch it while also playing the Happy Feet Two App. We do not have a Blu-Ray player, in fact we don't even have a DVD player. We copy all of our DVD's to our hard-drive and then play movies over our Apple TV.

Luckily, there was a way to sync the Happy Feet Two App with the movie by having the app listen for the sound of the movie. It did seem to take a little while to sync this way and the sound has to be loud to keep the connection; but it was fun to suddenly see different bonus features popping up. There was everything from interactive mini games, a video about learning how to walk like a penguin, and even listening to Robin Williams talk with a bunch of ladies who knit sweaters for penguins. I loved when the words appeared during the Love Can Build a Bridge of Light Song. It was also pretty satisfying throwing snowballs at the stupid birds that were trying to get the penguins.

It was fun syncing the app and DVD but this definitely would not be something I would do the first time I watched the movie as it would be much too distracting. But when I watched it the second, or third or more as happens when you have kids that love a movie, then it is fun to have something extra to do while watching the movie.

So thank you again to Warner Brothers Home Entertainment for providing my family with a copy of Happy Feet Two to review. My kids love the movie and I am sure I will be using the app with the movie many times as we have been watching it a lot.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Happy Feet Two to review from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. All feelings and opinions are my own.


  1. Can't wait to have my kids watch Happy Feet Two.

  2. I heard that there is a penguin named ATTTICUS in the movie- is it true??!!!! I'm so very curious!

    Oh, and glad you got it all figured out on how to watch it and yeah- we are having a clean up Monday around here from our company this weekend ;)